Mirror On The Wall

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Guitar & Guitar:
ARNOSOLO487 jams
step I
Drums, Bass & Mixer:
Aydenmanza23 jams
step II
United States
Mixer & Vocals:
solozolo471 jams
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Super jam and great mix buddy :W+0
Now you come around looking for things to do
But all I can say is baby you know it’s you
Taking everything that I give and take it away
Then you come back on a rainy day and say hey hey ya ya
You know every time I turn around
I see your face in the Mirror
Oh tea I see your face in the Mirror
Seems like yesterday
When you walked out the door
And all I can think about……..
Is wiping this dirty mirror ………….on the wall
It seems to bring to many memories

Taking everything I had away
Now that you’re gone
The only thing left there on the wall
When you walked out the door
But all I can think about
Is wiping this dirty mirror on the wall
I tried so hard to clean it off
When I’m done it seem you come right back….On the wall
Staring at me through the mirror
Sometimes I wonder why you even hang on there
Maybe I should just take it off the wall
Take it and break it……Take it and break it
Take my chances on eight years of bad bad luck
Because I spent more than that with you
Take my chances on eight years of bad luck
Because lord knows I spent more years than that wit you
With you

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