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Marc's Beautiful variation and arrangement to a classic progression and Glez's bass playing with Mar's synth creates a Wonderful airy ballad. Alex is a MASTER musician and is unmatched playing any music genre and clearly this is evident with his Incredibly Beautiful sax playing here. I just could not resist the open space. I added 1:37-2:24, 2:53-3:00, 3:30-4:03.


Beautiful contrast between your scratchy phrasing and the soft tone of the other sax! A great listening Dan! :)+1
April 29 2018 17:56:04
Itocpogo Thank you so very much, Stef!!!!! Only on Wikiloops I get to meet and play with great musicians like you! Also, to experience a MASTER sax player, musician, and Jazz Educator like Alex. Wikilloops is also a great learning tool that develops sax players. For example, Wade and Fish are Unique talents creating extremely personalized and First Rate sax playing, adding superior quality with their adds. +1
this is a really great sax add Dan...;););)+1
April 29 2018 17:46:25
Itocpogo Thanks so much Slin! I appreciate it!!!! +1
Meeting the giants. You play with a lot of feeling, a wonderful addition!+1
April 29 2018 17:45:57
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter!!!! I appreciate you so very kind words!!!! +1
Perfect Dan!! The way you fit in here seems so effortlessly. Wonderful play!:)+1
April 29 2018 17:44:17
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Ron!!! I appreciate your gracious comment!! +0
This is excellent Dan, a fantastic work !! You harmonizes absolut perfect with the sax from JazzReeds !! You built in your play in an perfectly way !! Impressive my friend and a wonderful track !! Congrats to all musicians :)+1
April 28 2018 17:00:52
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Frank!!! I so much appreciate your very kind words! Yes, these guys are Fantastic musicians and create Wonderful music!!! I am so honored to play with them!! +1
Wow! What a track and what an add Dan. The only thing that will match a track with one great sax player is a track with two great sax players. But credit to all parts here. I Really enjoyed this track Dan. :W<3+1
April 28 2018 16:59:19
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter, I appreciate it!!!! Alex is a MASTER Sax player and Educator and he like us hears the Great music created by Marc and Glez. With sax players, Greatness is not just the notes they play (but . i does matter) but the phrasing and tonal accent. No sax player I know including myself can play a Jazzier beautiful basic riff better then Alex based on this. When I was young and stupid, I could not understand why when I played the exact notes played by Gene Ammons, it sounded worse! Well, it is that tonal quality! Alex's technique and ideas are AMAZING, a Fantastic musician!!! +1
April 28 2018 22:23:29
Peterpingo It´s quite "funny". I think what you are writing must be a pretty common issue for young musicians. When I was young I saved all my money to pay for private lessons from the greatest guitar players I could find, I always asked them to teach me how theys played riffs and licks I´ve heard on " this ans that record". All these pro guys always gave me the same answer. they said: "it´s not what you play but HOW you play it". I didn´t understand it either at that time and I thought they were just "secret" about their technique. But today I know that they were right. :) +1
Sounds great Dan! Cool idea’s too!+1
April 28 2018 16:48:28
Itocpogo Thanks so much Marc!!! i appreciate it very much!! +0
Beautiful Ad Dan. Like it a lot. Result: Now I wonder how it would sound if you would accompany more. Like 2:54 and 3:57. On the other hand, I also understand - you can make such a fantastic final.+1
April 28 2018 16:48:00
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Rene!!! I so much appreciate your insight and kind words! +0
Cool idea man! Two sax lines perfectly integrated :)+1
April 28 2018 16:47:02
Itocpogo Thank You so very much Glez!!! I appreciate it very much!! +1
Maxi Saxy here :)+1
April 28 2018 16:46:20
Itocpogo Thank You very much, I appreciate it! +0

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