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Hello friends! How are you without me? ))) not much bored? I had a small problem, but now everything is fine. You are all my friends and I am very glad that in this world there is something good. I wrote this music for my friend Robert. So get in your car and give free rein. Everyone is in a good mood.
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Secrets of castle Bel Aire.....
Outside the tower a lone cry flying
Answering the black nights calling
Can we steal away the stars from sky?
Can we cheat death, forever frozen in time?
All these things are deep inside me
All these things,my darkest dreams
Chours Now we dance with maiden once fair
Piroettes in Halls of Bel Aire
Hold her death so close and near
Frozen in time of castle Bel Aire
Echos carry down corridors
Terrible secrets hidden behind doors
Young girl's shame now scars family name
She will not be silenced anymore
Blood runs deep now secrets freed
Now we dance with maiden once fair
Piroettes in Halls of Bel Aire
Hold her death so close and near
Echos of pain in Halls of Bel Aire
Excellent. You are amazing at composing music. My friend,thank you. I will do this song justice+2
Fabricio L
:W Great+1
:W awesome+1
Lenny Cowler
perfect track:)+1

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