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This is class Marc absolutely gorgeous melodies and sound<3+1
May 01 2018 17:02:20
Marceys Thanks so much! Tried to keep it as clean as i could to give room for others! +1
I like your mellow side as well :)+1
May 01 2018 17:05:35
Marceys Think it is good to have more sides in music... will keep it interesting! For ourselves and for listeners! Try to build setlists with a liveband also with lots of variations.... :) +2
May 01 2018 17:08:35
Tofzegrit I just can tell the same when I figure out every styles of music I share here ! +1
May 01 2018 17:13:20
Marceys Yeah, you are very true about that! If there is someone diverse here on the Loops it has to be you! Very cool musician you are! +2
May 01 2018 17:14:18
Tofzegrit <3 +1
So smooth, so good!! Your compositions to me are never just standard, they have a uniqueness that thrives on building on a theme with counter variations!! 2:04-2:32 is rich with ideas and swings, and so well executed!!+1
May 02 2018 09:15:21
Marceys Very glad you are listening to it that way! Thanks!
Usually i start on the piano playing some melodic lines with chords that is mostly much more busier than this and than break it down.....than a second part and when i feel like it some kind of a bridge.... back to the finale....
very very well played Marceys...;););)+1
May 02 2018 09:16:08
Marceys Thank you very much, i enjoyed it again! +1
Very nice chord progression, Marc!!! Wide open for adds!!! Great solo @ 2:33 :):D:)+1
May 02 2018 09:17:11
Marceys Thanks a lot, enjoyed the solo too.... think this could get cool when a drummer gives it a solid foundation and makes it more playable for a bassplayer! +1
Masterful work brother+1
May 03 2018 08:20:12
Marceys Thanks, always harder to get some dynamics while playing without a drummer..... +1
Love it and I like the solo as well, very good overall work+1
May 03 2018 08:21:11
Marceys Thanks, tried some open flow but with a little more groove on the chorus..... +0
Lovely thoughtful track with beautiful changes. Like the last section a lot where you added the "pipe windy" sound.+1
May 03 2018 08:23:12
Marceys Thanks a lot Wade, was tempting to solo over the whole track but i played some grooving line to give others room to play there solo too! +1
Sweet and juicy Marc!! :W Thanks for making a nuther pleasant, groovy play and template to jam on! :) Like wade said, those "pipes" were very cool.+1
May 04 2018 00:56:13
Marceys Thanks man, glad you like it! Your bassline is giving it a way more thicker feel! Great play! +1
May 04 2018 01:48:03
Ernie440 :W +1
May 06 2018 15:48:14
Lenny Cowler
Marceys Piano time! Enjoyed it! :) +1

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