In a Latin garden

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Such Beautiful music by Ray and Glez!!! Like a cool breeze on a hot lazy summer day. I added 0:16-1:09, 1:45-2:01, 2:35-4:27, 4:46-4:58.
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Latin Jazz Latin, sax


The way you enrich this template, these wonderful, gently played saxophone lines, wow!It's a lot of fun to listen to you.+1
May 04 2018 22:42:00
Itocpogo Thank You so much my friend! i appreciate it your gracious comment! +1
francisco al
muito bonito, amigo Itocpogo. ótimo trabalho de sax+1
May 04 2018 15:24:31
francisco al
Itocpogo Muito obrigado meu amigo! Eu aprecio muito o seu comentário gracioso! +0
Hey Dan, :)
Thank you for this superb melodic addition played with class!:W
May 02 2018 15:03:58
Itocpogo Thank you so much, Ray!!! You create Wonderful "Productions" always creating Beautiful compositions, arrangements with Excellent taste and musicianship!! I am honored to play on your First rate creations with yourself and other Great musicians! +0
Wonderful add Dan. <3 Your sax really gives this "cold breeze" a fantastic touch of a warm wind. (so to speak). ;)+1
May 02 2018 14:57:37
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter! I very much appreciate your very kind words!!! +1
You have a Latin soul in your saxophone sound my friend, excellent! :)+1
May 02 2018 14:56:57
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Glez!! WOW, I am honored with you gracious comment! The key for me is your Gorgeous Latin bass playing!!!! +1
Really nice. In my "To do" drawer. I have to find the melodic line first to be able to do something good.+1
May 02 2018 14:55:22
Itocpogo Thank You so very much!!!! When I played gigs to make money I needed, the name of the game was impressing your Band Leader to get more gigs and that sometimes meant the music suffered! And I was not a professional, just did it part time to augment my day career to support my family! But with Wikiloops it is just all about creating good music and cooperating with each other. Now I am old, retired and do not need the money, I realize the "music" was always the goal with me which explains why I played so many jams after hours when the paying gig was over! My wife was not supportive of that. +0
May 02 2018 15:59:23
ROBJOL I did music as a "professionnal" in the 70's. My friend and I made a record, played on TV and radio and made shows all around Quebec province. We even played at "Place des arts" in Montreal in front of a public of 3,000

We stopped that (my friend Pierre died last year) and I was 40 years without touching a guitar or singing. Now I do it for my pleasure and refuse money. I sometimes make shows (alone) and also refuse to be paid. If there is money involved, I give it to charity organisations.
My Ex-wife did not really like it when I started again to do music. But who cares. Music is now my main activity and I love to play with musicians here. I think that we do wonderful things together.
So fantastic Dan!! Excellent sax playing, great lines :)+1
May 02 2018 14:45:33
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Franky! I appreciate your very kind words!!! +1
amazing sax my friend!!! so wonderful your lines!!! :) ;) "pro" stuff<3+1
May 02 2018 14:44:48
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Joao!!!! I l appreciate your so very gracious comment!!! +0
Lenny Cowler
May 02 2018 14:43:54
Lenny Cowler
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Lenny!!! I so much appreciate it!!! +1
Elegance, taste and spontaneity in phrasing is a clear sign of your noticeable musical level. In this Bossa I see and above all feel all these ingredients. Great Dan! :)+1
May 02 2018 14:43:20
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Stef!!!! I get so lost in my joy of the "Perfect World" when I put my headphones on and have the good fortune to play on Outstanding tracks of great music so well performed and produced. Only on Wikiloops do Great musicians just want to help each other produce GREAT music!! +0
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