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New Zealand
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Guitar is played by Fanne (Johnv). He's been visiting New Zealand and this was his last night in NZ which he spent at my house. We had a short play and this was the last tune. Completely improvised on the spot inspiration. Others welcome to join in. Note: NO SET TEMPO!
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I love open improvised jamming. Nothing more honest. Wonderful music from the both of you.+1
October 01 2018 10:34:38
Wade Ha! My wife had gone to bed (Music widow) and made it clear she didn't want to be disturbed, so this was the last tune and I was playing as quietly as possible. Normally I'd be a bit more "up front", but this sounds OK! +1
October 01 2018 18:16:06
Acousticeg I for one don't like to be told to play quietly. lol It would seen to defeat the purpose. But I have found that the end result can make for some very dynamic music that rolls and flows as this does. +1
wow a great jam by you both Wade...;););)+1
May 06 2018 21:47:33
Wade Hey Nils. Good of you to have a listen. As you'd know I just love doing it live whenever possible. Hope to see you in September! +1
love the music you make together and so good that you meet each other off line:D+1
May 04 2018 12:22:29
Wade Very kind of you to have a listen and comment. A few more months and we'll all meet again! Till then... +1
What sound depth and what a wonderful duet! A joy to hear to again to the expressiveness of your great phrasing enhanced by that splendid acoustic accompaniment.+1
May 03 2018 21:52:13
Wade You're always so kind in your comments. I've got to be honest and say that the guitar isn't an acoustic, but sounds that way with no boxes to modify the sound. Very interesting guitar a "silent" with no "body". It comes apart for traveling, doesn't weigh much or take up much room. Very clever, but needs amplification. +1
So chill, along with your impeccable playing skills. Welcome back :)+1
May 03 2018 21:48:48
Wade Thanks Mark. This was, almost no editing and an inspiration! +1
Wonderful track of you two ;o)
I followed John`s trip to New Zealand as far as possible on facebook. Nice that you both met and made music together; o)
May 03 2018 08:20:46
Wade Thanks. I don't do facebook, so have no idea what he may have said. Hopefully he had a good time although the weather here was awful. Worst April we have ever had. Wet and windy. It's usually our driest and calmest month of the year. +1
May 03 2018 20:22:31
Uloisius Here with us the opposite, spring from its most beautiful side with lots of sun and warmth, everything is in bloom ;o)
I wish you a wonderful time ;o)
Lovely jam guys🎶+1
May 03 2018 01:35:32
Wade Thanks Frankie. I just love being able to play live with others. Maybe one of these days you'll make it to Germany...or New Zealand? +2
May 03 2018 04:38:29
FrankieJ I was wondering where you been.
It would be cool to visit and jam too. Hopefully when the wife retires. We've talked about it.
May 03 2018 05:37:01
Wade She better retire soon. I getting pretty old! +1
May 03 2018 09:54:27
FrankieJ A concern for me also. I'm 60, the lady is 44. +1
May 03 2018 11:12:13
Wade I'm in my 70s and counting down to arthritis, dementia, or worse...getting grumpier! +1
May 03 2018 11:37:28
FrankieJ Let's hope for a long count:) +1
So good John and Wade <3 fantastic+1
May 03 2018 00:14:43
Wade As you'd know I'm always up for playing live. I'm just sorry that we didn't have a lot more time to play live together. I hope it can happen again. +0
May 03 2018 21:29:01
ivax Maybe someday it may be possible, I hope that circumstances allow it, for now, I still can not attend the annual meeting +1
May 04 2018 05:20:50
Wade I understand, maybe a return visit to Spain? +0
Super duper Wade very sweet 💕💕+1
May 03 2018 00:13:28
Wade Thanks Tu. I love playing live like this where you're not always sure where things are going...a voyage of discovery. +0
May 03 2018 11:10:14
Tu You have great intuition +1
It is so great to listen to your sax again my friend, this is a great improvisation, love the guitar work of John as well+1
May 02 2018 22:39:15
Wade I have no idea when (if ever) I'll be in Mexico again, but would love to play live with you. Thanks! +1
May 02 2018 23:56:51
jussef63 Please if you do come here I will look into it so we can play together for sure +1
May 03 2018 00:12:40
Wade Where in Mexico are you? +1
May 03 2018 01:23:01
jussef63 Hermosillo, Sonora +1
May 03 2018 01:54:20
Wade I used to go there often! Lovely town and very nice people. Back in the early 1970s I was trading with the Seri Indians who were moved from Isla Del Tibruon to the mainland. They were harvesting large shellfish and selling the muscle as scallops (which they were not) and throwing everything else away. The shells often contained lovely black pearls, which I got them to look for and purchased them. They lived in a village about 40 miles north of Bahia de Kino. Three years ago I was on the Baha peninsula at Bahia de Los Angeles. You never know...I may come your way in the future! +1
May 03 2018 01:57:20
jussef63 Awesomeeeee, indeed I know a lot of Seri culture and I know bahía de kino, beautiful place, I only been living 6 years here though It is not my native state but here I am hahah, Let´s hpe we can meet soon +1
May 03 2018 11:17:07
Wade I sure hope the Seri from Tibruon have "settled" and mellowed out a bit. they were moved from the island at gun point by the government. They lived in squalor not caring. Where they were on the coast was not seen as their home. More like a prison camp. Hopefully things have changed. +0

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