The Horror at Basingstoke Manor

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There has been a truly DREADFUL and terrifying incident happen at Basingstoke Manor...I wonder what it was? A ghost? A vampire? A murder? An Accident - You can decide in this story - A truly British tale of terror! :) Listen and turn of the lights - if your dare!!
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Horror, Movie, Scary, Freaky


wow, can hardly stand the drama at 4:11 ! Someone will... lol, there was the screech, I was just about to type "get bitten". Awesome horror music!+1
May 02 2018 21:48:59
pconey ha ha, thanks Dick..I thought perhaps it was too long, but we shall see what happens! I appreciate your comments! thanks again! :D +0
good evening... and here is the news....oh it's just terribly terribly 'freightfully' awful...(said with a Noel Coward BBC kind of voice) goodness.... Basingstoke ? can't be ( actually that's a cool track Paul ) :D+1
May 02 2018 21:50:30
pconey You do a good Noel Coward..given the nature of the track "coward" might be the right word (for some scardey cats)...just a bit of daft mid-week fun!! Thanks a lot Shi! +1
May 02 2018 21:51:57
Shi daft and fun is always good :) +1
via wikiloops radio
May 02 2018 22:00:31
pconey :D - Thanks a lot Frankie! +1
suspense is killing me:o awesome Paul<3+1
May 02 2018 22:33:41
pconey Splendid Mike - why thank you kind sir! :) +1
Awesome, Count Vlad III pconey! And can we have Sarah back now, pretty please? :o :D+1
May 02 2018 23:09:45
pconey Why thank you kind Sir! I will return Sara later! She is still a bit frightened..a bit..WOOOOAHHHAHAHAHAHAHA +1
May 02 2018 23:11:27
pconey [img][/img] +1
Surprise!. Man, that creeped the hell out of me haha. Love game & movie sounds. There's so much use for, awesomely done+1
July 05 2018 00:32:27
pconey Awesome..thanks a lot! Did you play it in the dark? Well something different! +0
July 05 2018 00:42:53
SupJax No i was just max volume headphones and not prepared for the little gift here :D +1
July 05 2018 00:44:51
pconey Well if you like gifts at the end of and mikebanez often put "gifts" on our jams :D +0
Cool composer you are!+1
July 22 2018 23:05:19
pconey You are very kind Marc, thanks a lot! :) +1
Awesome job Paul!+1
July 22 2018 23:05:47
pconey Thanks mate, and good eerie stuff from you! good one! ;) +1
Outstanding movie magic..B):(+1
July 23 2018 18:17:53
pconey Thanks PDMuzak..lots of fun! great stuff from the other guys, Mike and Groove! +0

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