Purple Quartet

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Marceys982 jams
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Awesome funky stuff by the great and funky Tof, the great keys of Marc and the also awesome and groovy drums from Groovinz
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Funk, Groovy, Fun, Bass, Slap


what a formation! Absolutely great! I do not know the musical terminology:|, I can only say, I love it:):W+3
May 04 2018 22:32:00
jussef63 My dear friend, love is all that is needed, so you found the best words any one can recieve about his craft. Thx a lot for the support +1
:O :O :O
The funk is strong with this one!
:D :Y the orange and bright yellow sections are genius!!!!
May 13 2018 10:39:58
jussef63 Hey girl where have you been ? thx for real for your very kind words +1
Not only great playing, some fine engineering in this mix.+2
May 04 2018 22:15:23
jussef63 So glad you like it my friend, thx for the kind words +1
basschine gun ! dynamite Guy !
Super many ideas compliment and enhance the groove and the whole song . I like how it balanced the track all along :D :D :D especially the orange part with the sustain last note !!!
(((Jussef for President )))
May 04 2018 22:27:23
jussef63 lol president of the purple nation hahaha thx a lot tof for your always nice feedback and for your great musicianship +0
Such funk. Much groove. <3+2
May 04 2018 22:30:45
jussef63 Hey nadrek so glad you like it bro. +1
"Dear Jaco...I missed hearing your great bassplaying since you passed on but luckily I found Jussef63 and I don't miss you as much now." :D:D:D+2
May 04 2018 23:16:58
jussef63 hahah omg no no no, Jaco must be mad at you bro and doing the chicken in his tomb, rip the great jaco and thx a lot for such high profile compliments my dear friend +1
May 04 2018 23:18:47
soulsushi "Juss for President!!!" :D:D:D +2
May 05 2018 00:49:59
Tofzegrit Everyone here Jaco Mark Ethan Jonas Pino.... in a same body +3
May 05 2018 00:52:39
jussef63 :(:(:o:o very big shoes to fill no no hahaha but thx for being so kind +1
Absolutamente impresionante tu linea de bajo Jussef, la "patada" necesaria para la jam en las notas groovys de bajo, ejecucion impecable :o ;)+2
May 09 2018 01:16:07
jussef63 Muchas gracias por el feedback y por el apoyo mi buen amigo +1
July 20 2018 03:44:53
DrStrgeglv So Says the MAN! +1
wow that sound and that scales jussef <3+2
May 09 2018 01:16:43
jussef63 Hey Al, really appreciate the bass comunity support, so good to have you back :W +1
Wonderful Jussef.absolutely fantastic bass ad:)+2
May 09 2018 01:17:11
jussef63 My dear friend I just had to play allong with this great trio, thx a lot for your good compliments +0
ótimo trabalho, amigo jussef63+2
May 09 2018 01:17:27
francisco al
jussef63 Muito obrigado mi buen amigo Francisco +0

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