The Secret Garden

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Fantastic track of Joe with high emotional coefficient!! I could not resist adding the Hammond... Thank you Joe and thanks for listening.


WOW, your playing made the hair on my neck stand up!!!!!!! Your are so good, Stef!!!!! I get the feeling you are in another world when you get into playing!!!!! You can tell you love it!!!!! You are Masterful laying down a rovking soundscape that caresses the others Great playing!!!! You also create counter melodies and fill in gaps with melodic jabs and take off with soaring Wonderful arpeggios!!!! Magnificent playing, Stef!!+3
May 13 2018 20:17:57
Stef My dear friend Dan, always thank you for your listening and words!! :) +0
Wow! This is fantastic Stef! Prof playing as always! I have to go to the dance floor! :Y ;)+2
May 13 2018 20:16:01
Stef Thank you so much Adu! Merit of the great track of Joe! :) +0
perfect as always!:Y+2
May 13 2018 20:16:36
Stef Dear Claudia, danke for this and for the wonderful add! :) +0
:D:D Fantastic Stef,great work of both :W:W+2
May 13 2018 20:18:16
Stef Thank you so much dear Xavi! :) +1
ótimo trabalho de keys, amigo Stef. tá maravilhoso, eu gostei. Eu toco teclado, mas eu não tenho essa firmesa+2
May 13 2018 20:18:42
francisco al
Stef Muito obrigado amigo Francisco!! +0
wow a awesome hammond Stef...;););)+2
May 13 2018 20:19:27
Stef Thank you so much dear Nils! :) +1
Mamma Mia! Brilliant play my friend! Love it! On my third listen! You are on fire..thats all I ask!+2
May 13 2018 20:22:19
Stef Mamma mia ... I say it me !! What a bomb of track you've churned out !! Beautiful playing here with you! +0
Oh ... just so good! Nailed it again there Stef!+2
May 13 2018 20:22:43
Stef Thanks a lot my friend! :) +0
yeah, your add conjures a smile in my face! Great work!:)+2
May 18 2018 20:28:12
Stef Thanks a lot dear friend! :) +1
Wow fantastic add Stef, sounds great .. fits perfecto!! :W Super playing!! :D+1
May 13 2018 20:17:03
Stef Thank you so much Ernie! :) +1
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