Get All Funky--Dual Metal Forge

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Inspired by Simon's funky rhythm track, I decided to do something a little 'off grid'. Taking you on a trip from Nassau to Nashville--"Dual Metal Forge" refers to the merging of two very different instruments that have the word "Steel" in'll see what I mean :D
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World, Calypso, Country, Funk, Rock


That's a nice piece. I like it a lot - it makes for a good mood. Thank you:D:D:D+2
May 16 2018 07:44:54
soulsushi Thanks very much, Rene...I thought I'd try a 'happy' sounding track for a change :D:D:D +0
There’s only two kinds of music ....Country and Western....and I love em both, even if it’s imported from the Bahamas🤠+1
May 16 2018 08:15:02
soulsushi Via Hawaii, no less!!! hehehe...thanks for the listen, Pete!!! :D:D:D +1
May 16 2018 08:20:42
PJE That’s Hawai, Tennessee right?
You’ll be playing this at the Grand Ole Opry House, real soon partner
May 16 2018 08:23:11
soulsushi LOL...I don't reckon, but I'll keep wreckin'...HA!!! :D:D:D +1
makin me smile :)+1
May 16 2018 12:43:37
soulsushi Thanks very much, Kim!!! :D:D:D +0
May 16 2018 20:39:15
Lenny Cowler
soulsushi Thanks very much, Lenny!!! :D:D:D +1
bom trabalho, amigo soulsushi+1
Brilliant remix. Soul I know you from Icomps ..Nice to see you here..<3<3<3+1
June 26 2019 03:01:15
soulsushi Thanks, D!!! Sorry I've been taking a break from WL for a while now; good seeing you too...keep the music flowing!!! :) +1
June 26 2019 03:04:26
deezee You reminded me of my Steel drums I had a remix on. by Yosel years ago// So I put mine up too. lol Hope your gonna stay a bit longer this time.:) +0
Super job :-)+1
August 04 2019 12:41:27
soulsushi Thanks Buddy!!!:D +0

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