At The End Of The Rainbow

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acoustic Guitar, Keys & Vocals:
Peterpingo196 jams

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This song just wrote itself. Sometimes melody chords and words just "appears". To feel inspired is a priceless feeling. But being a looper is to me like a source that keeps on giving this feeling again and again. Thank you so much for being here dear fellow-loopers . And thank you for listening. Hope you will like and make some wonderful adds for this little one. ;) Peter.
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Musical, evergreen, standard, adventure


francisco al
bonito trabalho, amigo Peterpingo. Sorria: A lagrima cai misturada com a tristeza, mas, os pingos da chuva se mistura com a lagrimas, lavando a tristeza das lagrimas. brincadeira minha, amigo Peterpingo. gostei+1
May 30 2018 13:52:16
francisco al
Peterpingo Obrigado meu doce amigo. Obrigado pelas belas palavras. Fico feliz que a música tenha feito uma grande impressão em você. Muito obrigado. (Google Translate). +0
I love the song with your voice Peter .It is a grandiose song.<3+1
May 19 2018 08:37:13
Peterpingo Thanks Marc. I´m so happy you like it my friend. :) +1
May 19 2018 08:48:24
Peterpingo Your fretless would sound great on this track I think. :) +1
May 19 2018 19:05:37
khangurumc I agree Peter,I sold my house, And have to move to an other city.So time is missing a lot but I will work on this one I promess you +1
May 19 2018 20:56:48
Peterpingo Sounds good Marc. I hope you will be very happy in your new home. :) +0
a beautiful inspiration! You spread good mood, thank you for that:)+1
May 18 2018 15:43:17
Peterpingo Thanks Peter. :) Much appreciated. THX for listening and for your kind words. +1
Wow, Peter this is wonderful!! Great melody.....especially love that electric piano! Super lyrics too my friend!! Real lovely composition!+1
May 17 2018 07:15:41
Peterpingo Thanks Tom. I´m so glad you like. THX for you very kind words my friend. :) +0
Sounds very lovely Peter it’s a wonderful dedication as well:W+1
May 17 2018 07:20:24
Peterpingo Thank you Peter. I´m so glad you like. :) It would be so nice if your wonderful drums will turn up "somewhere over this Rainbow" by time my friend. ;) +0
this is lovely Peter, sweet music and poignant lyrics sung from the heart :)+1
May 16 2018 21:57:47
Peterpingo Thank you so much Shi. :) I´m so happy you like. Your words mean a lot to me. :) +1
WOW!!!! This is Beautiful, Peter!!!!!!! Your paint a sound scape of so many colors!!!!+1
May 16 2018 17:58:58
Peterpingo :) Thank you so much Dan. I just got inspired. I´m so glad you like this song. +1

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