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This beautiful piece of soulsushi and Symonymouse has saved my day. Construction noise. Stress. Trouble and every 2 min a disturbance. Did what was possible. Yamaha-Silent with 2 Kemper profiles. Recording objects in 5 double tracks. In the stereo image in different positions. EQ raised, FTT filter 1000 Mhz.
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May 16 2018 17:42:05
Lenny Cowler
abuitremorem :D:D Thank you Lenny :) +1
hört sich gut an! :)+2
May 16 2018 18:46:04
abuitremorem Vielen Dank - mit etwas mehr Mix-Erfahrung könnte es besser tönen :) +1
Da bekommt man gleich Lust sich in die blaue Südsee zu werfen ... klasse track ;o)+2
May 16 2018 19:52:30
abuitremorem Danke Ulo - nett Dich hier wieder einmal zu sehen:D:D:D +1
a very very good guitar add Rene...;););)+2
May 16 2018 20:38:29
abuitremorem Thank you NIls :):):) +1
I had to laugh hearing your adds, Rene because they were so delightful!!! I hear elements of Eastern music...I am loving the contrasts of genres in this multi-ethnic, cross-cultural jam!!! :D:D:D Bravo, my friend!!!+2
May 16 2018 23:12:30
abuitremorem Your great track has helped me a lot today! I did not have the impression of using eastern elements. But that does not mean that I do not use them anyway - I do that unconsciously well everywhere :) :) :) I've heard here that our track would fall under "TexMex":D:D:D +2
May 17 2018 01:42:14
soulsushi That's really cool to know, Rene!!! Sometimes, music defies definition...if it feels or sounds good, it's all good!!! :D:D:D +1
Very cool abu you gave this a newsense of eastern country with western I am lassooing around my big ole barn right now:Y:Y<3:W+2
May 17 2018 05:01:12
abuitremorem Thank you PJE. From alawrence I have learned that this goes under the category TexMex. guantanamera:D:) +1
May 17 2018 08:03:31
PJE That’s Cuba, Tennessee, right?:) +1
Oooooohhh Yeah!...grooving hard my friend!! Love the island feel.....!!+2
May 17 2018 05:01:40
abuitremorem Thank you :):D +0
Great playing René cool ;);)+1
May 17 2018 20:37:19
abuitremorem Thank you Charli :) +0
Auch unter Stress scheinst Du gut zu arbeiten! Ich hoffe, Du hast wenigstens ein ruhiges Pfingst:)-WE+1
May 18 2018 14:44:09
abuitremorem Jetzt ist die Sache vorbei. Zumindest in unserer Wohnung. Waren schreckliche 6 Wochen. Dieses Stück hatte mir durch den schlimmsten Tag geholfen :):):) Danke fürs Hören ! +1
May 29 2018 05:51:06
abuitremorem Thank you Pexe :) +1
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