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Great quality! Great musical development! Your production leaves me speechless...:)+1
May 19 2018 07:47:03
LeftTheLoops9-18 Thanks Stef! The same can be said for your keyboard...leaves me speechless! +0
Cool tune Joe, sounds like you had some fun jamming these parts out!! Nicely done! :W+1
May 19 2018 07:47:39
LeftTheLoops9-18 Im having a blast! It makes so much difference to have a dedicated space and leave things setup and tuned in. +1
Wonderful, Joe! :)+1
May 19 2018 07:47:51
LeftTheLoops9-18 Thank you Wolfie! +1
Superb orchestration, execution and taste. Do you have time for education? I could learn a few things from you. :) Have you ever seen any of Rick Beato's youtube? I think you can have a huge following on creativity alone. Thanks for sharing your talents. :W+1
May 19 2018 07:51:02
LeftTheLoops9-18 In small chunks, what would you like to know? You can always ask. Thank you for the referal to Rick Beato. In turn i recommend Rob Scallion. Look him up. I actually know his family from Chicago. I will most definitley check out. I abandoned the Youtube following plan . I have a different plan at the moment. I do this all for fun and used to be a studio musician along time ago. This digital recording is actually fairly new to me and I rely on old school techniques.Keep the questions in small chunks and I will try my best.Thanks! +1
May 19 2018 14:14:02
Davnel99 Thanks, I was really talking tongue-in-cheek about lessons, and I referred you to Beato, not because you need to, but because he is a really skilled musician in all areas, and his What Makes This Song Great series, is just fun to watch and learn techniques used by pros :) +0
Lovely, as xpected I like it a lot my dear friend+1
May 19 2018 07:52:33
LeftTheLoops9-18 Thank you, Jussef! My bass hero! Im still in shock from your last few songs! +1
ooooh and what's not to like... I think i might have a steampunk heart....:)+1
May 19 2018 07:56:00
LeftTheLoops9-18 Well what do ya know? I just checked and I have one too! Except mine needs a little bit of oiling. Im also on the wrong time , which explains a WHOLE lot! Kind of looks like this: [img][/img] +2
May 19 2018 09:39:12
Shi very coooool Joe :) +0
Wonderful music Joe, much creativity with very good ideas!! Like that very much!! !! Excellent production:D+0
the best of music:W:W:W
good mix
it is pure pleasure to listen:)+0
nice! reminds me of late America! the band of great work as always+0
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