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Really nice keyboard template from Stef ;O) & drums from dafunkydrummer. My adds: 2 guitars Guitar #1. Straight clean tone rhythm guitar slight reverb center pan.. Guitar #2. Accent combination lead/rhythm loudest in mix with heavy reverb and slight delay, -3 pan... Both guitars using 4th position toggle (my fav lately)... Needs bass and open for any adds. Thank you for listening
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pop, rock


WoW Major! What a beautiful guitars !! Love it! Perfect tone and atmosphere! Thank you so much for playing here! :)+1
May 20 2018 23:34:33
Major 3rd thank YOU stef! such beautiful tune..:D;) +1
real nice Craig, some excellent and beautiful sounding rhythm brah, I like to hear that, so many just want to dazzle with endless lead licks and forget the basics, shows your skill and some humililty.. lol! This is sweet man! :W .. rainin' down there today? Raining all day here ...+1
May 20 2018 23:36:33
Major 3rd thanks brutha! appreciate the comments. yeah it's been one of those rain 10 minutes and sun breaks through...repeat cycle..chilled day. the squirrels like it..digging up some grubs..;O) +1
Great add, Craig! Such a soulful song!I cant tell you how glad I am you are back on the Loops! Always the best from you!+1
May 20 2018 23:51:14
Major 3rd Thank you very much Joe! home sweet home..among great musicians & :)friends ;) +0
beautiful guitars Craig! sounds great :D+1
May 22 2018 22:08:43
Major 3rd thank you! :) +0
There are many beautiful spots that you make with your guitar! Very good work from you!:)+1
May 22 2018 22:09:04
Major 3rd thanks! ;) +1
May 22 2018 22:09:17
Lenny Cowler
Major 3rd ty;) +1
Great guitar work Craig. :W Wonderful "build up" in the mix of guitars.+1
May 22 2018 22:09:44
Major 3rd thanks Peter! :W;) +1
a wonderful guitar add Major...;););)+1
May 22 2018 22:10:06
Major 3rd thank you slin!:) +0
Excellent work here Major 3rd !+1
May 22 2018 22:10:25
Major 3rd thanks!!:) +1
Fabulous play my friend :D+1
May 22 2018 22:10:41
Major 3rd thank you bro! :D +1

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