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Template bass harmonics chords with this cool beat of DaFunky. Bass notes on screen chords Technical info to interested bassists or loopers: --BASS: Ibanez Roadster RS924 fretless bass with Rotosound roundwounds strings select bridge pickup -Set EQ on the bass: active EQ with 50% low 50% med 50 % treble --PREAMPLIFIER: Behringer UltraG DI box (XLR/jack OUT) -Effect in DIbox: Korg Pandora Stomp Compressor ...


genial Mario :Y:Y+1
May 27 2018 17:47:52
GlezBass gracias Xavi!! +1
supermario :)+1
May 27 2018 17:48:12
Pit Brett
GlezBass thanks so much Pit ;) +1
May 27 2018 17:54:43
Pit Brett
Pit Brett thankyou for this wonderful piece of Music :)
I had one, no two nice jams with you and DFD :)
May 27 2018 17:58:41
Pit Brett
GlezBass Thanks to you for listen and feedabck. In #26569 other jam with DFD in rumba bass style, if you like listen (Ibanez ATK fretted bass) ;) with little slap in the end... +0
This harmonic playing is your signature style in my opinion. I always enjoy the unique ethnicity and flavor it brings to everything you touch. Very enjoyable listening.+1
May 27 2018 17:52:33
GlezBass Thanks so much King!! Love it the harmonics bass. only in the dark red area I had to play the harmonicas in another track, in the rest of the jam they are done in a session, practice a bit for that sound effect that you comment ... the ethnic beat of Daf contributes a lot in the jam. I hope some soloist joins the jam :) +1
May 27 2018 19:19:18
King1971 I will be joining in soon on some of these wonderful tracks. My work has been very busy for the summer months. Thank you always for the encouragement and invitation! +1
May 27 2018 21:38:19
GlezBass You are always well received in my jams, whenever you want to join! ;) +1
May 27 2018 18:56:39
Lenny Cowler
GlezBass thanks Lenny +1
Love it <3 :Y+1
May 27 2018 21:37:16
GlezBass Thanks WD55!! Cool beat!! +1
Great sounds <3+1
May 28 2018 17:59:15
GlezBass Thanks friend :) +0
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