Love In Your Eyes

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Finally I have the opportunity to return to WL after a particular period full of emotions ... in a month I will finally retire after almost 40 years of work ... :) I had to play a love song at a time like this and so here it is .... Electric piano and Hammond. It will also follow a version without Hammond to give more opportunities to your adds. Thank you so much for listening.


francisco al
bonito trabalho, amigo Stef. ótimo trabalho de solo e harmonia, Stef+1
July 10 2018 21:51:23
francisco al
Stef Muito obrigado Francisco! +0
Retirement? As long as you play keys you'll never be retired. My Father was a musician who played every day until his death at 91. Great exercise for the mind and body. You'll always have an audience for your beautiful work.+1
July 08 2018 16:37:13
Stef Thank you for your kindness Wade! Yes the music is our source of life and natural medicine! +0
You always blow me away with your music and talent. This is amazing. Congrats on your retirement. It was one of the best days of my life getting to retire. Have a great life Stef !!!+1
June 25 2018 20:10:07
Stef Dear Tom, thank you so much for the beautiful greeting! I hope so too...:) +1
So Beautiful, Stef!!!!!! I know how you must feel!!!!! I retired 5 years ago and so many emotions I had that I never expected!!!! My melancholy was leaving so many Wonderful people!!!! We never realize that the events we experience in life, they are so short and we will never share those relationships again!!!!! But I learned to appreciate the honor to have been part of those Wonderful experiences! Nothing stays the same!!!!+1
June 25 2018 20:07:17
Stef Dear Dan thanks you for your wonderful words! ? it's a special moment for me...
Thank you again my friend! :)
Hey Stef, :)
Thank you for this lovely song!<3
June 25 2018 14:23:47
Stef Hi Ray, thank you so much! :) +0
Wonderful Stef<3
Congrats on retirement :)
June 25 2018 14:23:04
Stef Thank you so much dear Frankie! :) +0
Fantastic Stef <3 another beautiful song+1
June 25 2018 14:22:30
Stef Muchas gracias mi amigo Xavi! :) +1
Lenny Cowler
June 25 2018 14:21:49
Lenny Cowler
Stef Thank you so much dear Lenny! :) +0
Now that you are retired and the kids are gone, adopt me . I can live downstairs and eat your refridgerator.Itll be like you have teenagers again!+2
June 25 2018 14:20:07
Stef Ahaha....:) Dear Joe you will are always welcome and if you come here in Rome I will make you taste the best dishes of Italian cuisine and after I will have to adopt you surely....:) +0
The emotions are dripping out ghr speakers <3+1
June 25 2018 14:11:10
Stef Thanks again Tom! :) +1

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