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We have a little 8 minute slow blues here that is a mood setter. Here is how it came about. Danalyze45 set a wonderful rhythm template for all to follow, outstanding feel and flow. Bothen He kept a beat. ;) Tytlblues He took the first section for his excellent guitar work that captures the mood and feel brilliantly. Frenzie He came in on the second leg and laid down a masterful solo that picks up where Ty left off, wonderfully Stef He became unleashed. With ...
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Just to let people know, Haffast (Aaron) was an original invite to this project. His commitments at work kept him too busy for the loops but we posted and hoped his add would come along.

It did and was exactly what the doctor ordered. He shared the last leg with the mad keyboardist and gave a style and contrasting sound that fit perfect.

Thanks Aaron, it was worth the wait!!!
July 02 2018 04:55:43
Haffast You are far too kind! I hit the character limit in the description, but I do want to reiterate that it really was an honor to be asked to play with you guys. This was outstanding work from everyone involved and I'm very humbled to have been asked to join in. I usually try to hide behind a whole lot of distortion and gain, so this one was kind of tough for me šŸ˜‚

Thank you all so much, and sorry it took me so long!
July 02 2018 04:57:55
Bothen Dan said you were the man for the last leg, he was right!!! +2
Im diggin this solo you laid down. Soulful bonafide badassery,+0
I love this sort of jam. This is where you can truly be yourself. It's very vulnerable and makes for some serious guitar faces. I could listen to this on repeat. Very classy licks Aaron.+0
yes thats a great guitar Haffast...;););)+0
Fantastic Aaron! I love your final solo!
A big tribute to all of you guys: Dan, Ron, Tytiblues, Tom, Ernie and Aaron for the joy of playing Blues all together .... the world today is a bit smaller...:)<3
Such a great track by all of you guys!! And of course great add Aaron... Bravo!!+0
Yeah!!! :W+0
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