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Please help! I want to improve my knowledge about VST. This is my Ibanezguitar played with no picks, recorded via US-122. Inserted Compressor/Limiter BEFORE the A/D to avoid digital clips. No EQ, no normalizing, nothing. Please show me how to put more "sunshine" in this tone. Which VST to use to really improve the sound? I can not use my Lexicon MPX100 when working with a DAW. Thanks for your intrest and help! The chordsequence is called "Beatles for Cash" and ...


Nachtrag: Die komplette Akkordfolge des Songs mit Voicings steht auf meiner Homepage (Gitarrenblog). Link dorthin im Profile.+0
francisco al
nylon strings? good sound!+0
well ahead of thinking what kind of effect to apply once it's done you should think of how to record your guitar ... FreshFunk gave a good hint and i can't second this more : use a good microphone and avoid the crappy piezo ... you'll get a much more balanced sound sounding real and way more like your guitar than any piezo on earth ... and as a result you'll need alot less effect to get a nice track in the end : don't rely on effects but on your fingers instead !+3
January 16 2014 13:35:27
Neronick Of course you are right! This is my stage guitar for LOUD live sessions. It is no sound at all without pickups. Normaly I record through my AER or I use another guitar without pickups :-). But now I am wondering about the possibilities of VST, just to be curious on this side too. You do very fine recordings of accoustics guitars! +1
Please load this mp3 down, put your VST-effect on and upload it as a remix. The sound should more "sparkle".+1
First How you did recorded your guitar? direct with cable in the US-122 ( I have the same soundcard :) ). The better solution is a Studio Microphone (Kondensator) - the result is amazing better - then you can use also EQ, Limiter, no Compressor! I don't use it - more with EQ, Frequency Tools - sometimes with Limiter or Dynamic Tools...+1
January 15 2014 13:43:43
Neronick It is a half-acoustic with fishman pickups, centered, rec via cable. Comp only above 0db as a pre-limiter. I need to replace the mpx100 in a new DAW setup. +0
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