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Robjol's beautiful guitar track inspired me to put pen to paper. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to listen...it's been too long between songs Someone told me the lyrics made me sound like I hadn't moved on from my failed marriage. That's not what the lyrics are about. The lyrics (to my mind) admit to the part my personal "foibles" had in the failure and if I am ever lucky enough to be loved again, I will take ...
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Folk: Dylan


ótimo trabalho, joia+1
July 09 2018 05:37:44
francisco al
MorganLeFey You are always so very kind, thank you so much hugs +0
yeah, belt it out!+1
July 09 2018 05:38:31
MorganLeFey Hiya GemmyF thank you so much for taking the time to listen ;) +1
July 09 2018 05:39:52
Leftdaloops1019 nice rich vocal tone---the key was great for you I think +1
July 09 2018 05:44:02
MorganLeFey I've been very lucky on Wikiloops to find outstanding musicians who's templates make it very easy to be inspired +1
Good work. Very nice guitar and great lyric/melody! Congratulations Robjol & Morgan! :)+1
July 09 2018 06:56:06
MorganLeFey The guitar is fabulous. Thank you so much for taking time :-) +1
July 09 2018 07:12:20
voltaiclab ;) +0
Vicky it is so good to hear your amazing voice! I really dont care what you sing about as long as you are singing again! You could sing the ingredients on a box of cereal and Id be captivated by your vocals.Yes..it is too long between songs. This is so good!+1
July 09 2018 06:54:23
MorganLeFey You are such a lovely man. Thank you so very much for always being so kind and encouraging +1
nice song :) glad to listen to you again !+1
July 10 2018 03:19:58
MorganLeFey Oliv thank you so much :-) it's nice to be back +1
I take this song for what it is Vicki. I fit very well between these words.
And I always loved your voice. <3
July 10 2018 03:19:34
MorganLeFey Not just fit sir. Lovely lovely music +1
July 10 2018 03:23:10
ROBJOL Thanks Vicki.<3 +0
Nice one Vicky, lovely vocals+1
July 10 2018 03:18:38
MorganLeFey Hey Joe, you're just as prolific as ever I see. I do so admire your passion and talent. Thank you so much for taking a listen +1
Nice to hear you again........very soulful....+1
July 10 2018 03:17:52
MorganLeFey Hey Mary nice to see you too. Thank you for the lovely comment +0
a fantastic vocal and a good text Morgan...;)<3;)+1
July 10 2018 03:17:26
MorganLeFey I have a very average voice but some music forces me to lift the bar :-) +1
Wonderful song👍+1
July 10 2018 03:16:53
MorganLeFey You are very kind, thank you :D +1

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