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I have a little bit of tinkering: on the guitar of FrankieJ I put the bass of duruk (# 128564), the guitar of Don_T (# 130866) and the drums of PJE (# 139049) and then sang to it. I hope you enjoy it. The lyrics are about nobody being perfect, not even you and certainly not me. "Vermilchreist" is a slang or scene word that means something like: I'm just a short time away, I take a short break ... have ...


Have a cool break Uli
Mixing your own track is a creative bonus from you and Yes, nobody is perfect except you and me :D
Sounds so very wonderful Uli, I am very honoured to be included in this beautiful song my friend thank you<3:W:)+1
Extra Klasse: Die Kombination der Tracks, und dann der Song! Lautstärken, mehrere Stimmen. Einfach super! Bei uns gibt es ein riz casimir - ein Nationalgericht aus den 60ern. Verschwindet. Habe es einmal in Polen gekocht. Seither wollen sie nicht mehr, dass ich koche :D+1
lovely song, Ulo!!! :) :D great "band":W well done all of you:)+1
Great jam and great idea my friend :D+1
herrlicher Text und Lied <3+1
gute Stimme , guter Text zum Lied;)+1
I'm sure you had fun putting these tracks together....and make a song out of it!+0
Wonderful Uli<3+0
cool mix and great vocals - well done!+0

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