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Heard this music about an hour ago, wrote and recorded this within the hour. If it's awful blame the rush job. If it's good, praise the music. Because it's incredible. Thanks for listening. And as always, please add something if you, too, feel inspired :D
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JOSH!!!! This is raw and passion filled. LOVE IT MAN!!!!!<3+3
July 14 2018 10:38:50
JoshDexter HEY! I really appreciate that! Somebody said to me here a while back that I sound like I have power in my voice, but I don't let it go. So, I found the perfect track to let it go and wake the neighbours! <3 +1
An other great version my friend !! Great jam here again :W+2
July 13 2018 18:27:18
JoshDexter I'm in love with your acoustic music! Keep em'coming! +1
Yah! I like the Backing vox near the end a whole lot! and the track and feel overall, great match/pick. I too have been working way faster here on the Loops, inspired by the musicians around us! As a jam site, knockin' 'em out in a jam-y way just feels right to me! Dig this tune!+2
July 13 2018 18:27:58
JoshDexter Thank you for listening. Some of the music here... unearthed gems. The guys here are so talented! +0
I dig it+1
July 13 2018 18:26:15
JoshDexter Thank you :D +1
July 13 2018 18:26:38
JoshDexter :D +0
Me encanta :)+1
July 13 2018 18:28:07
JoshDexter <3 +0
Wow, you got a voice man!! Great song.. congratulations!+1
July 14 2018 10:39:17
JoshDexter Thank you for the listen! :D +0
Super vocals---sometimes the quick vocals are the best. -- Gator+1
July 14 2018 10:41:31
JoshDexter Normally I'm quite slow. Nice to change it up a bit! LOL thanks for listening +0
Oh... this is beautiful!+1
WOW, very cool Josh!! :W+1

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