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I´m not really sure what happened here. I was practicing some piano arpeggios and I got the idea to add some "synthetic" keyboard choir voices. This came out. I hope you will like maybe add some great stuff. Maybe some hiphop drums and a great rap could be fun. All adds are of course welcome. Have a wonderful day. Peter :)


francisco al
bonito e emocionante, a migo Peterpingo+1
July 19 2018 22:24:13
francisco al
Peterpingo Thanks Francisco. I´m so glad you like my friend. :) +0
Hey Peter.....the best stuff happens by accident! Lovely and a nice composition my friend! I’m back after a break.....and good the hear your music! Love the build !+1
July 16 2018 18:42:12
Peterpingo Thanks Tom. I´m so glad you like. :) It´s nice to have you back my friend. I look forward to future tracks and jams from you. :W +0
This is Superb, man!!! I do like a lot!!! BRAVO!!! :W:):D+1
July 13 2018 18:35:36
Peterpingo Thanks Joao. So kind of you. I appreciate very much. :) +0
WOW... this is Epic, Peter!!!! Incredible musical Magic!!!!!! so much Beauty and that Beauty blossoms with Synth-strings and just continues to build with Gorgeous anticipation to a Climax!!!!! Fantastic orchestration!!!! Man, this can sell!!!!!+1
July 13 2018 17:25:11
Peterpingo Thanks Dan. Your words are so kind. I´m so glad you like. That´s a much better and priceless gift that beats money any time. Thank you my friend. :) +0
Major 3rd
majestic and beautiful work Peter!!!!:D+1
July 13 2018 16:28:24
Major 3rd
Peterpingo Thanks Craig. :) I´m very glad you like. Your kind comment is much appreciated. THX. +1
Wow, this is very cool Peter but kind of unexpected .. haha .. love it!! Kinda starts out scary like phantom of the opera but quickly transcends into something much friendlier .. :O:D+1
July 13 2018 15:47:46
Peterpingo Thanks Ernie. I´m very flattered by your great comment. I really love Phantom Of the Opera (Saw it in a great danish theatre version once). I´m honoured by that comparison my friend. THX a lot. :) +1
July 13 2018 15:49:14
Ernie440 You're welcome and wow that would have be something to see/hear in a great theatre. :) +0
Oh yes, this is a very appealing composition by you! Thanks for sharing!+1
July 13 2018 15:03:00
Peterpingo Thanks Peter. I´m very happy you like. And I will happily appeal to you my friend. THX :) +1
Good that you have uploaded this. It certainly does not belong to the mainstream - or maybe it? I like it a lot !!!!+1
July 13 2018 14:52:09
Peterpingo Thanks abuitremorem. :) I´m really glad you like. As a former "pop-rock" guy I think it´s funny to try some quite different things mucially from time to time. THX. +0
Angelic music and inspiring sounds Peter...almost religious to me I think this could inspire some suprises my friend ....wonderfully created<3:D+2
July 13 2018 14:42:14
Peterpingo Thanks Peter. :) Your words are very kind. I´m really glad you like. THX! +1
Great idea ! :D+2
July 13 2018 14:22:16
Peterpingo Thank Arno. :) Much appreciated +1

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