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I just had to do something:) I heard this fantastic composition by Peter and immediately heard what to do:) many thanks "Peterpingo" for the opportunity I hope you like it


francisco al
excelente trabalho, amigo Pewi+1
July 15 2018 16:28:59
francisco al
Pewi muito obrigado amigo Francisco! +0
July 14 2018 17:36:12
Pewi B):) +1
This is a very cool piece! I know what you mean about feeling it right away, and that feeling comes across in this one for sure! great job to Peter as well, a good fit+1
July 14 2018 17:36:01
Pewi Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words. +0
Me gusta mucho ese sonido de trompeta que hipnotiza 🎶+1
July 14 2018 17:35:26
Pewi Gracias, me alegro de que te guste. +0
Very nice played your add Pewi. I really like this music ;););)+1
July 14 2018 17:34:27
Pewi Thank you so much:) +0
wow a awesome add and so well played Peter...;););)+1
July 13 2018 18:19:14
Pewi Thank you so much!! +1
Wowowoooo...Superbe lines, Peter!!! this is a triumphal way right to the heart, man, <3, Belissima piece of music.. <3 :)+1
July 13 2018 18:03:42
Pewi Thank you João, I had a great time🎶😎 +0
I so understand the "need to do something!!!! Another EWI Lab success!!! You so well select to best EWI "sound" for tracks!!!!! Your playing is pure Joy and sound so good!!! Your lines flow so smooth with melodic confidence!!!!!! You build the Excitement to a an Emotional climax that made the hair on my neck stand up!!! I feel you have found a winning formula that I would love to here again (trumpet). Excellent creativity, vision and musicianship, Peter!!!! This has to be a candidate for the best track this week!!!+2
July 13 2018 17:01:22
Pewi Hi Dan:) I am very happy about your motivating words. You probably know this: when I hear this track, I have the feeling that it has a mistake here and there, I play this note too early, there it doesn't fit the original and so on... I'm very self-critical... you see, feedback is so important, all the more I thank you for it! +1
July 13 2018 17:18:32
Itocpogo My Great love for playing with rhythm sections in the pop/Jazz vein instead of orchestrated groups with set music to play is the challenge to express myself! Sometimes I find "mistakes" fit and first take is my best! Other times, I must keep trying!!!! The joy is the freedom to do it your way!!!! WE can do that since you and I are not inna "professional" arena! Even when I did play in a professional setting, here was always freedom to create in a pop/Jazz vein that is not possible in Professional classical, chamber genres, except on Wikiloops... Long Live Wikiloops!!!!! +2
July 13 2018 17:26:51
Pewi That's exactly what I can learn here at Wikiloops:) Let go, play free...but it's not that easy to get rid of the old ideas...it gets easier and easier from day to day:) I thank Wikiloops and I thank such musicians like you that I have the opportunity to let go here:):):) +2
:D fantastic track+1
July 13 2018 16:48:57
Pewi thank a lot!! +1
YES Peter. <3 This is fantastic. What a great ear you have (And made so very fast) I´m so glad and very honoured that you made this great add my friend. Wonderful work. :W+1
July 13 2018 16:08:24
Pewi it has made me great joy and it is always a great honor for me to make music with you:):) +1
July 13 2018 16:10:51
Peterpingo Thanks and thanks again Peter. I´m really glad you made this add. :Y:W +1

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