Saturday Night Swing

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Itocpogo526 jams
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WOW!! Big Band special memories. Fantastic Big Band sound, arrangement and playing by Cody, Peter, Jim and Nadrek! I added 1:55-3:33, 3:39-3:56. There is open space in beginning playing with piano and sax section.
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Sing, Big Band, sax


WOW! Bravo, Dan!! Most enjoying this whilst I straighten up the house! I really wish your hornists would team up alot more! Thats when magic like this happens.+0
Well what can I say. Your add for this track is epic dear Dan. This whole track is so fantastic. Really great work. Perfect effect with your sax and Nadreks trompet. Probably one of the absolute best big band jams I have heard on the Loops ever. (Standing ovation my dear friend). <3+1
July 19 2018 16:23:22
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Peter!!! I am so humbled by your gracious comment!!!! I played with amateur Big Bands and Amazed by the talent of many musicians and Nadrek is a step above even them in my opinion. He plays multiple instruments and produces Incredible Jazz compositions and arrangements!!! +1
Here is the story of the great orchestral Jazz that flows and your sax is its synthesis! What a fantastic playing Dan!! :)+1
July 15 2018 16:02:00
Itocpogo Thanks so very much, Stef!!!! I am so humbled with your gracious comment!!! +1
francisco al
maravilha de solo, amigo Itocpogo. ótimo trabalho, Itocpogo+1
July 15 2018 16:01:07
francisco al
Itocpogo Muito obrigado, Francisco !!! Eu aprecio muito o seu comentário gracioso meu amigo !! +0
Marvellous Dan right on the money my friend makes me want to swing all night .....hope maybe we got the forming of the WL big swing band starting right here<3:W+1
July 15 2018 15:59:09
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter!!!! I know it is not easy for a drummer to carry a Big Band! Man, you do it so well! You are Excellent!!! Yes, it would be great to play on more WL Big Band tracks!!!! Playing with a Big Band makes you feel so ALIVE! A Big Band is just like a sports team! All want to support each other to create the best music possible!! +1
Wow Dan! this is a gala performance. Played and mixed with great joy and skill. Compliment also to all involved.+2
July 15 2018 15:54:58
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Rene!!!! When I was 13, my goal in life was to practice to play in a Big Band!!! These musicians in this track are Excellent!!! +1
Sei un grande!!!👍🎵🎶😊😎+2
July 15 2018 15:53:24
Itocpogo Grazie mille mio caro amico !!!! +1
you are really at home in many musical directions and always at a high level! I like the kind of music very much:)+2
July 15 2018 15:51:54
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter!!!! When I was 13, all I wanted to do was practice to play in a Big Band!!! +1
July 15 2018 15:50:31
Itocpogo Thanks so much, Jim!!!! +0
So good template for Big Band!! wonderful! Nice tenor solo, I like specially on the 3:03, where itappears the modulation, great!+2
July 15 2018 15:50:10
Itocpogo Thank You so very much!!! i so much appreciate your gracious comment!!! +0

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