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Waits-inspired blues song. Need solos by harp, guitar and sax. Solos at 1:01, 1:56, and 3:02. Push the smokey, grungy, gin-soaked style. Also feel free to add fills between verses. Would greatly appreciated if U can also provide your add as a second download. I'd like to mix the various additions later. thanks, guys and gals. --- Gator copyright gmillhollon lyrics here THE MAN TAKES HIS SON W/ THE BALL AND THE BAT HE SAID I’M GONNA ...
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Dive Bar Blues


High end music production! Bravo!!! :)+1
July 17 2018 14:45:13
Gatorblue Thanks much. Do some ads Gator +1
July 17 2018 18:00:51
Gatorblue Thanks Pete. Jump on board +1
Love this live sound and vocals! Full Immersion in the true Blues Gator! :)+1
July 17 2018 20:32:09
Gatorblue Thanks Stef-greatly appreciated. Any chance for some subtle B-3 back there or even a piano or B3 solo? -Gator +2
July 17 2018 20:36:28
Stef Thanks to you Gator, If I can certainly. +0
awesome ...tom waits eat yer heart out!+1
July 18 2018 05:24:52
Gatorblue Well, that's nice but I'm sure Tom's not worried about me too much. Glad you like it Kimbo. Gator +0
Really nice! Like Latin flavor! ;)+1
July 18 2018 17:40:39
Gatorblue thanks Frankie. Fun to mix in the Latin beats now and then. -- Gator +1
Wow! :Y :W :)+1
Great song and track, Gator :W:Y<3+0
July 17 2018 05:44:08
Gatorblue Thanks Don. Put something on it. there's plenty of room. Gator +1
Waits in his best times , great:D+0
July 17 2018 18:02:39
Gatorblue Thanks serious. You must be a fellow Waits fan. Feel free to add +0
July 17 2018 22:51:33
seriouss my favourie albums are from the eighties swordfishtrones and rain dogs. I had a time when I really loved his stuff.
i think it misses nothing just perfect !!:D
July 17 2018 05:42:58
Lenny Cowler
Gatorblue thanks, Lenny -- Gator +0
Fine song and performance Gator gets you thinking......and yes you did it right:W:):W+0
July 17 2018 14:45:55
Gatorblue Thanks PJ E do some adds +1
July 18 2018 07:02:34
PJE I’ll check this out, been awaiting for another jam with you my friend:W +0

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