Purple Submarine.

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A little guitar track I made. Hope someones kan makes some adds for it. Drums, keys, bass and vocals would be awesome. But feel free Please add. ;) THX for listening. Peter.


beautiful sound brilliantly played<3 it+2
July 21 2018 16:39:48
Peterpingo Thanks Mike. :) Much appreciated. +1
Beautiful song Peter.You tell us a beautiful story<3+2
July 22 2018 06:06:17
Peterpingo Hi Marc. :) Thank you for you kind words. I´m so glad you like my friend. +0
Phuau Peter! Your compositions are always a high light! Here you show your masterly skills on the guitar, wow I'm really excited about it:):)+1
July 21 2018 11:41:23
Peterpingo :D Thank you so much Peter. I´m so glad you like my friend. Frankly this track is a guitar "exercise" I made in the days before I joined the loops. I was "out of skills" at that time because I hadn´r been playing for many years. But thanks to the loops I don´t have the same problems to make the fingers "work". B):o:D +1
Very nice track Peter. Many colors and feel :)+1
July 21 2018 11:42:55
Peterpingo Thank Titi. I´m so glad you like. :) +1
So good sound and line guitar Peter, love it this sound and the chords ;)+1
July 21 2018 11:43:59
Peterpingo Thanks Mario. I appreciate your words very much Friend. :) +1
Hello, Peterpingo, likes me very much very well;););)+1
July 21 2018 13:47:19
Peterpingo :D Thank peatric. Me very happy you like. :) THX my friend. +0
Wonderful guitar Peter, a pleasure to hear this:D:D+1
July 21 2018 13:45:59
Peterpingo Thank you so much David. I´m so glad you like. :) THX. +1
Beautiful <3+1
July 21 2018 16:40:16
Peterpingo Thanks Giuseppe. :) I´m so glad you like. +1
Hey ya Peter, oh my.....this is lovely! That guitar is wonderful! This should blossom into a great project!+1
July 21 2018 16:41:19
Peterpingo Thanks Tom. :) I+m glad you dig. +0
Waouh !!! The sound is fantastic !!+1
July 21 2018 16:42:05
Peterpingo Thank you Sophie. Very kind of you. I´m so glad you like. +0

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