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A noodle on the keyboard with some guitar bits... in the key of C, just a bit of fun..


bonito trabalho, amigo davidaustin. ótima produção, davidaustin+1
July 22 2018 07:31:55
francisco al
davidaustin Obrigado francisco, your support is always appreciated :D +0
Wow, wicked template!!+1
July 22 2018 07:33:18
davidaustin Thank you my friend:D...I knew I should not have bought that keyboard haha:D +0
Yeah David, a lot is going on here !! Very good idea and execution , sounds really great :W :D :W+1
July 22 2018 07:34:06
davidaustin Hey franky thank you my friend:D:D +1
Wonderful track David - like so many of yours! Gotta listen through many more... :)+1
July 22 2018 07:36:04
davidaustin I just have fun with making music:D thank you for your support Wolfgang:D +1
Great David :W:W+1
July 22 2018 07:37:05
davidaustin gracias Xavi:D:D always great support from you:D +1
Mr. C is wonderful...Awesome ambient jam Dave:D+1
July 22 2018 07:40:07
davidaustin This time next year i`ll be a millionaire
hahahahahahaha:D:D:D another noodle, thanks for listening Ron, always appreciated:D:D
Your templates keep on progressing every time. I love the instrumentation and the mixing. I might jump in if I can find something that will fit. B)+1
July 22 2018 07:44:44
davidaustin I have a midi keyboard and use garage band for all the sounds, I am trying to learn more on the keys, always love your adds and expertise on music making.. I am just a noodler, many thanks my friend:D +0
July 22 2018 20:36:18
PDMuzak I'm using Sonar/Cakewalk and some VSTs.. This Garage Band is really awesome. By the way your keyboard skills are great also.. +1
cool atmosphere on this one David, kind of cinematic feel to it :)+1
July 22 2018 16:35:30
davidaustin Thank you for the kind words Shi:D:D +1
Really enjoyed the "dream state" you created here-so cool David:)
July 23 2018 07:18:31
davidaustin Thank you Keith:D +1
wow this is awesome David...;););)+1
July 23 2018 07:18:08
davidaustin Thanks Nils:D +1

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