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Presenting my original composition: Your Moment Has Come All Instruments played by Heidi-Marie: Grand Piano Accompaniment Grand Piano Melody Flute Melody Clarinet Melody Bassoon Melody Violin Legato Melody Orchestral Cello Melody Full Strings Legato Alchemy Pads Atmosphere Alchemy Customised Pads I am looking forward to the remixes from the talented Wikiloops Community. Production Info: Production in Logic Pro X All EFX plugins by Apple Roland FA-08 All done, recorded and produced by Heidi-Marie Arapa ------------------------------------------------ (c) 2018 - all rights reserved - Heidi-Marie Arapa
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Fantastic Track Heidi. <3 We have a VERY hot summer day i Denmark today (33 degrees celsius), and yet I´m sitting here having goosebumps after this track. ;( Wonderful work.+2
July 28 2018 14:20:35
Left081120 Thank you Peterpingo for listening and the positive feedback. Glad to hear my composition had that goosebump effect. Enjoy your summer here we are experiencing a cold winter. Cheers. :)<3 +1
July 28 2018 15:05:19
Peterpingo :D You are probably right about the winter, Heidi. But this "cold shower" from the goosebumps was actually very nice in this hot weather.:D Besides the enjoyment of the track of course. #winwin +0
how lovely Ms Heidi :) such a nice uplifting track+1
July 28 2018 14:18:58
Left081120 <3 Thank you Shi for the great feedback pleased you enjoyed my composition. +1
And another great composition from you. It's a great pleasure to listen to you, thank you for sharing🤝🤝🎶+1
July 29 2018 01:31:06
Left081120 Thank you Pewi for the positive feedback so glad you enjoyed my latest composition. I will slow down composing one day not sure when though lol...... Again thank you for listening always great to share my music with you all. :):)<3 +1
You've been busy in a very nice way :)+1
July 29 2018 01:32:08
Left081120 Thank you Fishinmissio for listening and the great feedback. Yes I am always busy composing when I can as I just said to Pewi I will slow down one day not sure when though. Haha :)<3:) +0
I love the slowly shifting nature of the sounds in this! The way the instruments sort of blend and melt into one another is so cool!+1
July 29 2018 01:35:44
Left081120 Thanks Buzzbomber for the awesome feedback. I have been doing a little reading about some past composers & their techniques in music composition & am applying this to my own compositions. Pleased you enjoyed and could sense the shifting nature of sounds as that is exactly what I was trying to achieve in a sublime way. It’s called “Music Art”. :)<3:) +1
Wonderful and inspiring<3+1
July 29 2018 01:36:58
Left081120 Thank you David for always listening and for the positive feedback. Glad my music has inspired you am looking forward to hearing any remixes from the talent here. :)<3:) +1
another awesome composition from you Heidi...;)<3;)+1
July 29 2018 01:37:57
Left081120 Thank you Slin for listening & the positive feedback. Always finding ways & different techniques in music composition. :)<3:) +1
Fantastic Heidi <3+1
July 31 2018 05:09:31
Left081120 Thank you for listening I am glad you enjoyed my composition. :)<3:) +1
:o<3oh Heidi,my tears are flowing...+1
August 19 2018 02:05:27
Left081120 Oh my dear thank you for the positive feedback. I am glad you could feel the emotion in this composition. :)<3:) +0

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