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I don't know what this is or if it works- it feels not quite right to me but i really like the idea. any way


Something very cool and Hendrixian about this+1
July 31 2018 19:56:52
BuzzBomber Thanks! I could never quite get it to fit, maybe it just doesn't, exactly, but i wanted to share it anyway. Your comment reminds me of something i saw about Hendrix, that he wanted to move beyond "normal" patterns and structures in music. Maybe i hit something there!:) +1
August 01 2018 00:40:25
BuzzBomber Thanks man! I am trying to disregard the existing structure there and replace it with a different structure. I'm not sure it worked exactly how intended, but I'm glad you liked it! +0
I can't say what you're doing either, but some of that sounds really cool!+1
August 06 2018 00:45:23
BuzzBomber Thanks, I like it it, but there is something about it that feels odd, and yet i like parts of it too! +0
trabalho de guitarra joia, amigo BuzzBomber+1
August 06 2018 00:46:13
francisco al
BuzzBomber Thank you FA, this is a strange one to me... HA +0

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