Together As Two

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Mixer & Vocals:
LeftTheLoops9-18374 jams
step I
United States
Mixer & Vocals:
solozolo720 jams
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Excellent solozolo... Enjoyed your vocals. Thank you for joining!+1
August 05 2018 00:40:27
solozolo Thank u :Y +0
cool!!! :) nice tune :D+1
August 05 2018 00:40:43
solozolo Thank u much :Y +0
Just when I thought it was over
Girl you came back n to my life
Yes just when I thought it was over
You came back n to my life
Now I’ve seem times when things were good
I’ve seen bad times too
But I never thought you come back
After you walked out the door like you did
Oh girl I’ve seen bad times good times too
Now when I feel just a little down
I just turn the radio up loud…Sit here alone
Watching shadows on the wall
Oh girl I’ve shave bad times good times too
Sometimes when I see your face
I think about all the good times
And other times when I see your face
I think about all the bad times….All the bad times
Now when I grow. Grow old
Maybe I understand you more but for now
All I can see are the bad times and good times
I said good times bad times yeah
And if you just come here a little bit closer
Let me see you in the light
I’m sure we find a way make it right
I promise girl not to see all the bad times with you
Let the stars shine high
Let the night be so blind me and you
We can lay here together as two
And if we don’t think about our Good times and bad time’s girl I am sure we will be alright
I said alright..I said all all right…Yeah…

I said alright girl
I’m sure we will be alright
I won’t think about the bad times and good times with you
We can lay here together as two
Try to make it to the morning light
But I know oh …That soon you be gone once more
Yes I know oh soon …..You be gone be gone oh once more
Let the stars shine up high
Let it all go girl and pass you by…Don’t hold a grudge
I’m sure were goanna to be alright
As long as we don’t give a damn
About the good times and bad times we had
I said let it go …I said let it go be alright
Let the light shine
Lay here together as two….Lay here together together as two
Lay here together as two

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