Please Don't Go

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Keys, Violin & Flute:
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Presenting my original modern classical composition: Looking forward to hearing the remixes by our talented Wikill "Please Don't Go" All Instruments played by Heidi-Marie: Grand Piano Accompaniment Grand Piano Melody Peruvian Panpipes Violin Legato Melody Orchestral Cello Melody Full Strings Production Info: Production in Logic Pro X All EFX plugins by Apple Roland FA-08 All done, recorded and produced by Heidi-Marie


So beautiful Heidi :) <3+0
August 17 2018 14:35:09
deezee Heidi I can also compose my own classical compositions.. I'm going to see if I can add something wonderful to this.. or not:) Ill have good try though. Thanks for this..:) +1
August 19 2018 02:04:53
HeidiMarie Wow thank you for listening & the positive feedback. Look forward to your additions. <3:) +1
August 19 2018 02:34:55
deezee It reminds me of the track to the film bright eyes :) +0
Another wonderful creation from you Heidi. I agree with Dan (itoc). Your compositions are like a fantastic story told in "episodes". Every time I hear and enjoy one I look so much forward to hear the "next chapter". <3+0
I look forward too your new tracks because I know it will be a labor of Love with a Beautiful orchestration like this!!!! Excellent!!!!!+1
francisco al
trabalho bonito, amiga HeidiMarie+0
a fantastic composition again Heidi...;)<3;)+0
Another awesome piece of music Heidi, so very cool:D:D+0
Lenny Cowler
very pleasant:)+1
August 04 2018 07:35:06
Lenny Cowler
HeidiMarie Thank you Lenny. <3 +0

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