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Honest to god, I started playing this last night and half way through started feeling really shivery and ill. Almost as if I had been bitten by something! Anyway picked it up again today. Blimey Tof - what a merry dance you led. Let's be honest, I recorded this in sections, completely out of order so it may have that slightly glued-together feel ;-)


What kind of glue did you use? SUPER glue? well super add and playing. I love what you've done here - nice playing! great from the other guys too! :D+1
August 08 2018 00:27:22
GrooveEnth Fangs very much! lmao - now I'm making myself laugh! :D +1
August 08 2018 00:29:16
pconey It must have been no normal glue after reading your song title! has it got stuck in your mou-ff? +1
August 08 2018 00:39:51
GrooveEnth ah, well thereby hangs a tail..... +1
August 08 2018 03:05:26
Leftdaloops1019 did you mean Tale? or were you playing pin the tail on Tof again? +1
August 08 2018 10:03:45
GrooveEnth Hmm maybe I meant *coppertail* ? No... definitely an asp. (Probably a _big_ asp to expect you to appreciate my mad title skillz mind... ) +0
:D:D Good Glue!+1
August 08 2018 10:16:50
GrooveEnth Thank you! Made from the finest Egyptian gum :) +1
Too bad!!! For once I had planned a “structure” :D+1
August 08 2018 10:09:38
GrooveEnth If you plan was to make me sweat (and shiver!) it was successful - I actually had to work at this one! ;-) +1
Sounds great! :D+1
August 08 2018 10:07:36
GrooveEnth Thanks WD - what, no title love though? I'm prouder of that than the bass line! :D +1
August 09 2018 01:54:39
WhiteDrum55 Was thinking about it, but could not think of any child-safe comment...oh well ;) +1
August 11 2018 00:29:22
GrooveEnth lol - I resorted to trying to explain how clever it was to my wife .... who just rolled her eyes slightly and walked off! +1
That is so great to hear that a bass player actually works at a song!!!!:D:Y+1
August 08 2018 10:06:21
GrooveEnth lol - normally I just wiggle my fingers and stuff comes out (eww.. that did NOT sound right!) but this was one of the rare ones where I literally sat down and worked out a part for each section. Probably good discipline and I should do more of it. (No, I didn't mean the finger wiggling! :D ) +2
Good glue! sound fine to me. Good to hear you on this as it deserves your competent bass playing.+1
August 09 2018 01:41:57
GrooveEnth Thanks Wade :) +1
Last time I felt like that was when my pale faced haircutting gal asked me if I had the flu yet:| Nice work.:W+1
August 09 2018 01:42:52
GrooveEnth Yes it was very odd - went from feeling fine to needing to huddle in bed in the space of about 15 minutes then felt fine in the morning. Weird kind of virus... +1
August 09 2018 14:15:10
Fishinmissio She never gave me the flu..but I felt rally weird for a day or two. It was like a cloud over +0
August 10 2018 11:59:52
Demian Man, this track is perfect for a sax solo +1
August 11 2018 20:50:17
GrooveEnth Seconded! +1
August 12 2018 05:20:42
Fishinmissio Well maybe I'll give it a shot. What can I hurt besides your ears and my ego? +1
August 12 2018 15:48:31
GrooveEnth lol - go for it! +1
Very good, hard to notice the difference in sound from session to session, there is no dramatic change at all+1
August 09 2018 01:41:43
GrooveEnth Thanks Jussef - it was more the 'shape' of the line I was worried about - I really didn't have a clue what to do in the verses so just filled in the 'easy' unison bits first while I tried to think up something for the rest. Actually in the end I think it worked ok but that's probably more a credit to Tof's structure :) +1
Great bass line!!+1
August 11 2018 20:46:47
GrooveEnth Thanks! :) +0
progressão do baixo é joia, GrooveEnth. ótimo trabalho, amigo GrooveEnth+1
August 11 2018 20:47:38
francisco al
GrooveEnth Graças meu amigo-que levou algum trabalho, mas eu gostei :) +0

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