I'm a Cage

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Agnèsss: This is a weird stuff which can turn into a rock song Mike: This is weird stuff which can turn into more "kafkaesk" stuff and I made more kafkaesk.


oh ! :D Do the "Einstürzende Neubauten" live in your body Mike ? LoL :D
I like this kind of industrial sounds ! Sure this is weird, but this is very creative. Metallic sounds fit the theme of "the cage". Very good. I like this kind of repetitive music.
August 08 2018 20:50:49
Mike_66 I must admit in the 80's I was more in music like this [youtube]Kvek60dvq50[/youtube] +1
August 08 2018 21:45:00
Caroljoyce :Y...
How could I say that ... (I hope I will not hurt you, my friend ;) I'm joking.)
It sounds like The Clash coming late to do their concert, but in a hurry, they chose a guitar at random ... alas, bad pick: it's a disco guitar ...:Y
August 09 2018 09:24:11
Mike_66 With "Einstürzende Neubauten" you made revisiting my classic from the youth. These musicians where so far before their time it is almost a wonder. This song is almost 40 year old: [youtube]UvABkrzvqQs[/youtube]
This song is so 2018.
August 09 2018 11:32:21
Caroljoyce ah yes, absolute true. Modern music compared to its time. I really like this guitar sound and this tune. (Just disappointed by 2 sounds in it, typically sound from the 80's.)
Good, thanks for he discovery.
At this time (my High-school years), in the 80's, I was listening to The Cure, Depeche Mode, U2, The Stranglers and Morissey...
Then after, during my studies at the University, they were Clannad, Ann Clark, Dead Can Dance, Massive Attack, Cocteau Twins, and the discovery of the classical and jazz musics (that my parents had never listened to.)

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