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This is a composition from my 11 Year old niece. She has taken up the Piano and is really good at it. I had let her hear some of the tracks I have done here with the great keys players on the loops and she liked it. I then got this and she asked if people could work with this. I told her I would try and see what happens. Her tempo is still a bit ...
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First off You have to have vocals selected as one of the instruments

then you'll see a place where you can add vocals
August 09 2018 04:10:42
Bothen Hmmm, I have no use whatsoever to post vocals. I can not to that to humanity!!! +1
August 09 2018 04:34:00
Leftdaloops1019 Do you ever post Percussion and Drums?
If so you should click the blue words for your choice of instruments(add more instruments button where you choose drums)

Anyway it will let you pick 2 more instruments

In the case You have Keyboard
and you have vocals

So when Vocals is one of the choices it is super easy to add the lyrics
August 09 2018 18:42:02
Bothen Ya, I know all about the other adds and such, but not to many people in the engine room of music sing so adding vocals is not a routine I practice here.:) +0
Good for her-and you buddy!!! <3
Encouraging her with the beauty and joy of music is just cool Ron.<3 Plus, she sounds good. I'm a fan!!!<3<3<3
August 09 2018 04:13:06
Bothen Her fathers job took her family to England for now. She was here for 7 weeks and we are really close because of music. She is familiar with a lot of loopers works here.:) +1
August 10 2018 00:52:42
kmoon235 Makes me smile bro'<3
excellent song ! great, really…(!) but voice is not a track separated from the piano's track, that's why i prefer to record notes than sound, for the accoustic piano… then, the microphone is for anything else, voice and notes can wear any soundfont, including the Model D of a Steinway grand…+1
August 09 2018 04:14:24
Bothen Ya, I took this from a video shot with a cell phone. I will eventually get a real good one from her or I will have her sign up here!!! +0
Great little track Ron,Well done to your niece:)+1
August 09 2018 04:15:16
Bothen Thanks Pete, I will send her a link to this!!! +1
Yaaaa for her!!!! I'm a fan!!!!+1
August 09 2018 04:16:27
Bothen Thanks Andrea, She has a future if she can stick with it!!!! +0
very cool!+1
August 09 2018 04:16:42
Bothen Thanks Ernie.!! +1
August 09 2018 15:50:19
Lenny Cowler
Bothen :W:) +0
Sounds like she's well on her way very good+1
August 09 2018 15:51:22
Bothen Thanks Gary, I am very proud of her!!! +1
She did great :) <3+1
August 09 2018 15:51:41
Bothen Thanks Don and for your wonderful add!!! +1
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