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See first track for description on what is going on here. I added some drums just to get the lyrics up.
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so un cut right out of box i love it this is how should be i think+1
i feel it make heare again n again <3+1
August 09 2018 15:54:49
Bothen Thanks for that Kucho!!! +0
Great job Ron:Y+1
August 09 2018 15:55:15
Bothen Thanks Pete!!!!:) +1
Seems to me the wikiloops would be a good way for youngsters to get their feet wet+1
August 09 2018 15:56:23
Bothen I think it is Gary. She is getting to the age where her peers will pull her away from playing and I want to encourage her that this is something she will be thankful for the rest of her life!!! +1
Groovy! :)+1
August 09 2018 15:57:24
Bothen :D +1
Great drums, Ron.. this tune almost begs for an orchestra playing in the background... leaving her and the piano at the forefront. :)+1
August 09 2018 15:59:37
Bothen Thanks Don, I would want a better track from her first though!!!!:) +1
Your voice is higher than i would have thought... but that is who you are... haha- but seriously, this is a great track and more of us should host the young musicians in our lives here on WL+1
August 09 2018 16:02:05
Bothen Thanks Dave, I agree especially if they play real music instead of what record labels force everyone to listen to these days. +1
August 09 2018 19:38:51
BuzzBomber When i was a kid what could loosely be called punk. A lot of DIY music, cassettes of practice or shows, and Weird Al Y was recording his accordian in his bedroom, and most of the scene encouraged people to bring a hand held tape machine. Then I had kids and had to get more normal... +0
Yeah thumbs up for your niece! Great!! :) :)+1
August 10 2018 16:18:43
Bothen Thanks Tom!!!:) +1
Great Ron! Perfect support! So good!! :)+1
August 10 2018 16:19:08
Bothen I appreciate that Stef and thanks for rounding out the song with our wonderful Hammond play!!! +1
a talented young niece, fantastic Ron :)+1
August 10 2018 16:19:24
Bothen I really appreciate that Xavi!!! +1
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