I'm the Guy Who Kissed Humanatee

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Hint: It is not about a manantee. True story? What does that even mean anymore? True for who? In what way? going over old tracks, and thought id give this one another pass... Also did some thing special with the end and the beginning just for my 'Loopy friends, plus it sets up the story better - IMO- ran a high pass EQ filter on several tracks, gated out some noise, and created the "backing vox" [img]https://media1.giphy.com/media/3rgXBKslCgSBvgZQbe/200w.webp[/img]
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Aesop-y hard prog rock bullsh!t for kids


Hey Buzz:D great job on this cool remix:Y:Y+1
August 12 2018 03:15:17
BuzzBomber Thanks bud! I was listening to it and wanted to mess with it some more... +0
Wonderful Just wonderful. Great track Buzz. :o:W:D+1
August 12 2018 07:52:33
BuzzBomber Thanks Peter! You always get the deeper side of the apparent whimsy... !:W +1
August 12 2018 15:43:09
Peterpingo Thanks my friend. I guess I often try to "read between the lines" and to listen between the notes. ;) That makes the experience a lot better and often it broadens your own horizon. :D +1
August 12 2018 16:21:40
BuzzBomber I like the way you listen. You present an open mind and an open heart... +1
August 12 2018 16:39:23
Peterpingo Thanks. :) I consider this experience as a great great side effect to all the great things here on the loops. Besides the common love for music you meet a lot of wonderful people from the whole world. Different thoughts cultures and ways of seeing things. ;) +1
Whoah man you got me tripping and I don't even do drugs+1
August 12 2018 16:19:04
BuzzBomber Thanks HojoCat! Just one of my songs "about those" animals, that are really about us... +0
a really cool add well done Dave...;););)+1
August 13 2018 22:31:20
BuzzBomber Thanks! It is interesting to look back over stuff i did a while ago, and perhaps work on it some more. Stuff has a brief life here on the loops +1
Total cool :):):)+1
August 21 2018 14:03:51
BuzzBomber Thanks! I came back across this and it wanted a little more from me... +0
i love the craziness:W . are you the guy i saw in the news that was playing with a Manatee ?:D+1
August 21 2018 14:06:30
BuzzBomber Thanks! I doubt i made the news (for the manatee activitee), but apparently it is a trend! +1
I absolutely love this, crazy good track. Wow so original. Buzz <3:W:Y:Y+1
August 21 2018 14:08:24
BuzzBomber Thanks! This is one of my all time faves! +1
August 21 2018 14:24:07
deezee Its mine too. I love your work. :) This was the first track I heard when I first signed up here.. I was sure I had already downloaded this then. But not sure, now so downloaded again. You guys all did a freaking excellent track <3:) +1
August 21 2018 14:33:34
BuzzBomber Thanks You so much! <3

It is really IS about the underlying templates! I wind up extemporaneously coming up with stuff because folk's tracks put images in my head...
Haha this is great!!!+1
August 31 2018 23:28:37
BuzzBomber Thanks! Sometimes funny, sometime thought provoking, sometimes dumb - sometimes all three! +1
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Love this!+0

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