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cool play by Vince and Agness --- I feel like Gene Hackman on this (The French Connection) ---Thanks Guys! Fun moody jam
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heavy pop, melodic Melo weight


as strange (ambience)as GREAT (your playing and the template) a very cool lead here ;) :)+0
WOW!!! You are an Excellent guitar musician with an abundance of creativity!!!!! This is a Classic, Jim!!!+1
August 14 2018 16:47:57
GemmyF Dan Thanks!!!!!! Just thought it'd be fun to try to fit here! +0
Marvelous piece! Great playing, Jim! Bravo to all of you guys!+1
:o What a marvel to hear you playing like this Jim ! <3 Excellent. Very good tone and very well done Jim. I love it in its whole !
At 1:22, those chords remind me a song, but I can't remember what it is. (Led Zeppelin ?)

(note : what happened with the volume, sometimes I hear the guitar leaving away...)

Jim, this jam is a true success. <3 Now a video is necessary. I've already collected pictures for this... Even if I have an idea, I'm curious about what's going on in your brain of quirky artist :P : what are the pictures that cross your mind when you listen to this music and read Baudelaire's poem ?
August 13 2018 13:50:47
GemmyF though the love is strong between the two, there is a force, or a law, if you will, in the whole of nature of things that leads to a strange dark underworld where nothing is as it was yet there is still a hope and strong affirmation that there is an opening into the restoration of true things-----anyway that's how I read the poem (or the translation of the poem) ---- Maybe this life is the tarnished strange dark world-----seems images that come to mind would be lots of dark b& w with bright colors that are cover or barely visible that show something vibrant obscured +1
August 13 2018 13:54:28
GemmyF Also Kucho's version--remix after my remix ---is very Eno or Gary Numan sounding ----Pretty nice interoperation of the template----I'd like to hear what a really good pianist could bring to this---with a Piano or at least a Classical Piano Sound--no effects to make it not a piano sound--there is enough of that already on this +1
August 13 2018 14:54:54
Caroljoyce For the pianist, it would be an idea ... :D
Wait and see, or let's publish an ad on TV ...:P

For the pictures inside my head when reading this text:
-->Yes, a lot of black. The symbolism of this poem to me : the inevitable tragedy awaits every human being, whether he is happy or not.
-->Same feeling about the "bright" opening you're talking about. This is very surprising from Baudelaire, this man with dark writings (you know that he spent his life translating into French this great American author, besides as tortured as himself : Edgar Allan Poe).
In the poem, this solitude of each when they have to face Death is also diminished because they are side by side, and because they love each other.
The poem has a twofold meaning, so I have two visions:
1 / These lovers love each other and make love one last time before dying;
2 / These two beings are dead and they are lying down in the same tomb, as if to prolong their hugs ...

I see pictures of graveyard indeed in this poem, and also artificial flowers upon the tombs...
This is why I kept the the verse "Strange Flowers"
August 13 2018 14:59:23
GemmyF Strange flowers indeed---there is one piano player I know of here that could play on this---if he would---I've seen him comment a lot on your work ----HEY save us the TV ad!!!---Play on this!!!!!! +1
August 13 2018 15:04:36
GemmyF I think he's German! +0
August 13 2018 15:05:38
GemmyF Going to pm him +0
August 13 2018 15:06:18
Caroljoyce ;) I think he's avatar name begins with an "L", isn't it ? +0
August 13 2018 15:15:06
GemmyF Done!:D +1
August 13 2018 15:16:48
Caroljoyce B) +0
August 13 2018 04:54:54
GemmyF Thanks---the bed I played in was already really pretty! +1
August 13 2018 05:11:31
Haffast True, but you made it even cooler! +1
francisco al
muito legal, amigo GemmyF+1
August 13 2018 03:26:08
francisco al
GemmyF thanks Francisco! +0

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