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FrankyG there is a way --- but you must find your way on this musical journey --not mine ---so my friend---let us meld!
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In many ways you remind me of the creativity of the Beatles because every song is so different, not the usual "same-nesss". In addition to having that Creativity "gene". Like the Beatles, the music is always new and exciting!!! Excellent, Jim!!!!!+1
August 20 2018 17:42:38
GemmyF Ahhh Shucks Dan!!!! I just like all types of music so I guess it comes out!:D Thanks! Demain played some great drums on this track! +0
Great what you do here+1
August 18 2018 03:19:57
GemmyF Thanks!!!!! appreciated!!!:D +0
Enjoyed listening. Well done GemmyF.+1
August 18 2018 00:35:31
GemmyF Gratzi where you been? +1
These worn out ears are picking up Am Dm
I know there's more to it than that, I'd like to give it a try too if you can help me out with a chord progression....great guitar work by you Jim
August 17 2018 23:28:28
GemmyF you should download Riffstation Pro. for free it tells you the notes ----I played this in a really odd open tuning so I make up my chords---RSpro says --F#m Am F#m G#m Em Dm(1st part)Bm F Bm F Bm F Bm FBmF Bm F Dm Gm Dm Gm Dm Gm Bm F Bm F dm Am G#m Gm F3m Am G3M F#m F Bm Dm Bm Dm Bm Dm Bm Dm Bm F#m G#m Em Dm Em Gm F Dm Gm Dm C F#m Bm F Bm F Bm F Bm F F#m C Gm F#m G#m Em F3M G#m Em ---3.5 mark Gm Am........ +2
August 18 2018 01:18:25
bluvation I have Riffstation but the trial period ran out and I didn't want to fork out the bucks for it...believe or not I heard most of the chords when trying to figure it out but I just don't trust my hearing and didn't want to screw up your track. Thanks for taking the time to post these, that was nice of you, I appreciate it Jim...stay tuned! :) +1
August 18 2018 01:26:51
GemmyF well it's only half of em +1
August 18 2018 01:30:52
bluvation It helps thanks! +0
Great Jim!! Nice chords. Its like you are telling a story here+1
nice guitars there Gemmy :) looking forward to seeing where this one goes :)+1
August 14 2018 21:15:30
GemmyF Jump on the Bull and grab it by the horns!:D +0
The start sounds great Jim. I will listen all after trying my own add. :)+1

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