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Eric creates! Eric inspires! His music provides an infinite number of add possibilities to join him on wonderful journeys. Steve (LoBias) also takes those journeys and plays very creative music. Eric created the foundation “Soon 1” (21062), added to it (30451, “New Soon”), and Steve also added to it (74370, “Soon as Dawn Comes”) I so much enjoyed their creativity and musicianship. I could not resist creating a Trilogy to their 3 tracks, inspired to see how (if at all) I ...
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Jazz, Avant Garde, sax


francisco al
ótima escalas pro evento, amigo Itocpogo... ótimo jogo, Itocpogo+1
August 18 2018 17:46:46
francisco al
Itocpogo Muito obrigado meu amigo !!! Eu aprecio muito suas palavras gentis !!! +0
that's really great, your interpretation is so impressive!+1
August 18 2018 16:19:01
Itocpogo Thank You so very much Peter!!!! I so much appreciate your very kind words my friend!!! +0
It is great to experience that the things we do create are worthwhile. I can be very insecure and think "be normal" or "just play along" Here on WL there is room for experiment. My friend Dan (among others) plays a big part in this for me.It is a great honor for me to experience that the music is appreciated and then ... a trilogy !! what a fantastic idea!
This no 1 i like very much. You are playing a beautiful melodie with a very beautiful high note at about 1.44. You realy play Jazz Dan!!
August 17 2018 17:40:23
Itocpogo Thanks so very much, Eric!!! I appreciate you my friend!!! I LOVE your playing!!!! You create Beautiful themes with your Wonderful Jazz improvising talent. When I was young (many decades ago) I know what you mean feeling insecure and I needed to play to "be normal"! When I was young I had to "play normal" to get gigs and relationships with other musicians, but in that journey I did meet like-minded Jazz musicians and we played for ourselves when not gigging!! Now being old, I can not find musicians like that or do I have the energy to play live! So Wikiloops is a special haven to meet musicians like you to create!!!! Back in the 1930's Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie played in Swing Big Bands to make money and after the gigs played for themselves and they created Bebop in the 1940's!!!! +0
Oooh this is so cool! Awesome playing Dan! :D+1
August 17 2018 17:26:54
Itocpogo Thanks so very much WD!!!!!! i appreciate it so very much!!! +1
Amazing duet!! :W Creativ, and fits so absolutely great Dan
Fantastic music you both <3
August 17 2018 17:26:18
Itocpogo Thanks so very much Franky!!!!! I appreciate your very kind words!!!! AWESOME!!!! +1
Your sax is awesome and you are very creative.+2
August 17 2018 17:25:24
Itocpogo Thanks so very much Rob!!!! I very much appreciate your very kind words!!!! +0
a awesome sax add Dan...;););)+1
August 17 2018 17:24:39
Itocpogo Thank You so very much Slin!!! I appreciate it very much!! +1
this is a very creative duet and the upright bass and sax dance together so well here Eric and Itocpogo :)+2
August 17 2018 15:44:04
ericblom Thanks so much Shi +1
August 17 2018 17:24:00
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Shi!!! Ah.. the inspiration is Eric's bass playing!!!! +1
Yesss great jam, sounds very close to the free impro; a wonder to be two little polyphonic instruments as Peter says :D The version 3.0 love it for my ears ;)+2
August 17 2018 17:23:05
Itocpogo Thanks so very much Mario!!! I am very humbled by your very gracious comment!! +1
Some people call this experimental music. Some would maybe even call it "crazy" But I always get so very impressed by your ability with your "monophonic" instrument in collaboration with another basically monophonic instrument to great such great harmonic universes Dan. This is just awesome. <3 :)+3
August 17 2018 17:21:31
Itocpogo Thank You so very much Peter!!!! I am so very humbled and appreciate your very gracious comment!!! In my journey in getting old (better than the alternative) I found listeners have different standards of what good music is! My wife would not even listen to this type of music and kind of hates it! But I respect all listeners and musiciansright to whatever music they like!! Wikiloops is a haven to collaborate with like minded musicians because it is all about the music!!! I gigged for many years and you play what the gig calls for, nothing more or less. +1

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