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I live in Poland for some time now. Open to any idea and implementation :)
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funky world


I'm loving this so much abu:<3<3<3+1
August 27 2018 14:07:40
abuitremorem Thank you very much Deezee :) +1
Very cool Template René ;)+1
August 20 2018 19:09:58
abuitremorem Thank you Charli :) +0
francisco al
ficou joia. bom trabalho de guitarra. ótima criação, amigo abuitremorem+1
August 19 2018 00:21:41
francisco al
abuitremorem obrigado francisco :) +0
Was, du lebst jetzt in Polen:o? Hat das Google richtig übersetzt??
Wie auch immer, Deinem Stil bist Du treu geblieben! Schön dass Du wieder da bist:)
August 18 2018 16:30:29
abuitremorem Ja Peter, werde wohl in nächster Zeit den Grossteil des Jahres in Polen leben. Aber man weiss nie :) Meinen Stil kann ich wohl nicht mehr ändern :D:D:D +1
abgefahren !!!+1
August 18 2018 02:50:37
abuitremorem Danke Andrea :) +0
wow Rene this is really cool,and what did you do in Poland?...;););)+1
August 17 2018 21:43:54
abuitremorem Thanks Nils. A good question :) My wife is Polish and I promised to come to Poland after retirement. So we live half a year or more in Poland, the rest in Switzerland.:):):) +1
August 17 2018 21:48:28
slin cool... +1
Fabricio L
Great René. Good listening you again :)+1
August 17 2018 21:41:28
Fabricio L
abuitremorem Thanks Fabricio. It was a hard time without internet. Now I'm still fighting with a powerline adapter that does not want to go online :) +1
Lenny Cowler
August 17 2018 21:40:09
Lenny Cowler
abuitremorem Thank you Lenny :) +0
GREAT World of Creative music, Rene!!!!!!! This is Great!!! Love your staggered phrases and one note flurries, always in time while you push the edges of dissonance!!!!! Excellent my friend!!!!+1
August 17 2018 21:39:55
abuitremorem Thank you Dan. Your comment pleased me :) +0
The behind track is also just ...IDK, super cool!+1
August 17 2018 17:16:37
abuitremorem Buzz, I work with a Kemper who copies all kinds of amplifiers. Currently there are about 14000 profiles. In other words, this is a collection and history of the amp you can choose from. There is also the option of changing the rigs into 4 sections. Here I mainly use reverb and delay effects. Since I play the Variax, the guitar itself is modeled. I love these technical possibilities - but I still do not understand enough. The style is acoustic as ad played to a deleted track. I hope that I write fairly understandable and clear :):D +1
August 18 2018 01:00:11
BuzzBomber totally get that! So I was wondering what it might sound liketo run that main guitar track through say, a "brittish high gain" type of amp, turning it from acoustic to electric. (i think this is like what SupJax may be doing) You do not have to, but the sound made me curious... +0

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