Black Swan

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Lots of good stuff going on... Drums are the EZ Drummer demo. I normally use Addictive Drums but EZD is easier to use. AD sound better in my humble opinion.But not bad. Also found some items under the mix level in Reaper such as "width" which Im playing with. Ive been sharpening my leads up practicing lydian, dorian and aolean scales. Been in a Paul Gilbert mood lately and trying to get speed and accuracy up to a satisfactory level. Thanks for ...


Brilliant use of different timbre and rhythmic structure.+1
I like all the different themes that are woven here Joe, very nice :) super solo as well :)+1
Unbelievable Joe! I love this track, how it develops and the final solo .... here I want to play !!!+1
awesome !!!!+1
just great !! :)+1
Freakin' Killer !!!+1
Exellent song Joe, you nailed !+0
Hits the mark!!!! Excellent song, production, playing!!!+0

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