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BuzzBomber344 jams

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A raw experiment with my acoustic guitar using my phone to record it.The wikiloops upload interface is difficult to use, the sliders on the instument and genre selectors are very narrow and hard to touch, closing the selector... the interface the multitrack interface on the phone also has tiny controls making it more difficult, But i am determined to make my phone a primary recording device and use it to upload to wikiloops more often
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Malcom Taylor (sorry Angus!)


cool:) :W :D+1
August 23 2018 21:00:03
BuzzBomber Thanks! just playing around and liked it too! +0
First: it sounds great Buzz! With your technique, you play at the very front. I think you are on the path of the future, or rather the real present. I do not love my mobilphone so much - had to work with it too long. Compliment!!!:)+1
August 23 2018 14:09:49
BuzzBomber Do you do your projects on a mobile phone? I am trying to improve mine. May inquire tech-y details like: 'droid/iphone, software, headphones, mics, etc?

The phone interface is cumbersome, but very portable, and as yousay, in the moment!

i am using audio evolution multitrack app for 'droid
August 23 2018 17:43:50
abuitremorem I still avoid playing it over the phone, but it may still come. I make a contrast ad to your track. Natural and artificial hall.:) +0
This is so cool..original as always:W+1
August 23 2018 02:48:43
BuzzBomber Thanks! I try to keep coming up with fresh stuff! +0
very cool ;o)+1
August 22 2018 20:16:31
BuzzBomber Thanks! Free form +1
sounds really cool Dave...;););)+1
August 22 2018 20:17:21
BuzzBomber Thanks, just a dorque and a stick! +1
yeahh cool chit. i like it man:D+1
August 22 2018 14:33:28
BuzzBomber Thanks! It reminds me of the old days, when i/we would play with no fixed timing track. +1
August 22 2018 14:38:44
Mikebanez oh yeah before everything got high tec .you recorded this outside? if so good sound qualityđź‘Ť +1
August 22 2018 14:42:35
BuzzBomber Yeah, but it is like a little canyon between my house and the neighbor's. and i am using Audio Evolution, a $7.00 multi track 'droid app, so i compressed it a little on its way out. I wanted inflict these ugly chord shapes clearly! +1
nice strumming+1
August 22 2018 14:18:04
BuzzBomber Thanks, it is not perfect, but I like it anyway. +1
August 22 2018 16:32:47
axenvocs I tried drums but didn't find the tempo :@ +1
August 22 2018 16:34:12
BuzzBomber it may be non existant, haha. This is literally just me, guitar & phone, as i try this out +1
Pretty good Buzz.:) Catchy. I love it:)<3:Y<3+1
August 22 2018 14:21:57
BuzzBomber Thanks! It has some issues, but i really like how the idea came out. and i wanna try to start recording more organically and in "not the house" more often +0
francisco al
Ăłtimo trabalho de harmonia, amigo BuzzBomber+1
August 22 2018 16:32:47
francisco al
BuzzBomber Thanks, amigo! Always a good time! +0
Good stuff man+1
August 22 2018 05:33:27
BuzzBomber thanks man, i keep hoping to become more sketchy, writing wherever with less +1

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