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As soon as I heard carolJoyce's track I knew i was going to sing over it! It totally grabbed my attention. I listened once. downloaded it, put it in the DAW and this is the first take. i do not really think i will get any better anytime soon, so here it is! thanks CJ, this was AWESOME! it felt really good to sing this way
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Moaning into the void


Awesome :) Buzz you and Carroll created a wonderful musical experience. Thank you :):):)+1
August 25 2018 17:34:43
BuzzBomber Thanks You DZ. This is one of those where I could really feel it, like the music was just flowing through me, so all i had to do was open my mouth. caroljoyce's track was like an antenna to the universe! +0
wowowowowowow!!!!!! :D+2
August 24 2018 13:00:16
BuzzBomber This was amazing while t was happening, i know yow know that feeling of the music being pulled through you... +1
August 24 2018 13:10:10
AKchen the only way ;D +1
August 24 2018 14:59:50
BuzzBomber and it feels crazy good when it happens! +1
August 25 2018 15:39:56
Caroljoyce lol Yeah yeah yeah !!! +2
August 25 2018 17:35:19
BuzzBomber i is be seriousss... +2
August 25 2018 19:13:50
Caroljoyce Oh sorry Buzzs, This was my answer to Andrea’s wowowwowowow. 😞 +2
August 25 2018 19:17:18
BuzzBomber no problem, i think it still works (wink)! +2
August 25 2018 19:18:37
Caroljoyce Thanks. +1
wow no offence a bit weird but catchy at the same time .by the end i grew to like it:D+1
August 23 2018 21:18:52
BuzzBomber This is in my top five favorite comments of all time! +1
August 23 2018 21:22:12
Mikebanez ha ha:W +1
August 23 2018 21:25:16
BuzzBomber You are probably aware that to a large degree i just do stuff and worry about all the details later. I actually think a lot of my stuff is weird, then i start to like it later, too! A lot of the time i don't really remember it til i listen back... +1
August 23 2018 21:35:10
Mikebanez i'm with ya on that brother. same here:o +1
wow thats a awesome add Dave...;););)+1
August 23 2018 21:01:17
BuzzBomber Thanks it just sort of formed itself, i know y'know what i mean! +1
the tone of the voice at the higher part sounds like the Psychedelic Furs singer's voice:Y:)+1
August 23 2018 15:56:48
BuzzBomber Thanks! You used the word singer in a sentence about me! This was so fun while it was happening +1
Oh ! Very unexpected add. Love this voice melted with the harmonies... You have very good ideas Buzz ! Congratulations. :D+1
August 23 2018 14:04:46
BuzzBomber My ideas are inspired by the artists around me. Thanks for sharing your creations! So fun to make awesome noise together, i hope more gets added! +1
August 23 2018 14:06:13
Caroljoyce Hope so too My Friend. ;) +1
fantastic what you make here <3+1
August 23 2018 14:05:58
BuzzBomber Thanks, the music asked me to try to sustain some tones. So i just did not think about words in any way, just trying to get to vowels... +0
August 23 2018 14:21:02
Caroljoyce I've noticed that the topic of "Time" is one of your favorite ones... Have you noticed it about yourself ? Have a nice day Buzz. +1
August 23 2018 16:04:40
BuzzBomber Yes!, time is one of my all-time favorite topics! If you accept the theory of relativity you are also basically accepting what is known as the B-theory of time. The ultimate implication being that they intuitive, classical, way of thinking about time works locally, but the true nature of time is "exists" in a different way, much like gravity or color, both of which are interpretive descriptions or "measurements" of otherwise "invisible" phenomena... huh?

uh... YES!
August 23 2018 17:04:04
Caroljoyce uh... not sure !:P (I'm teasing you)
I like these philosophical topics. :) So, let's talk about this topic in a friendly way :

1/ The theory of Time is a theory. Something belonging to a Discipline of Science. Nothing to do with the "perception" of the notion of Time.
The main principle of a Science is to give proof of the existence of it in a rational way.

2/Perception (colors, the intuitive way you think Time... etc, is a human mental ability. This belonging to the psychology fields.
The fundamental principle of psychology is to understand the motivations of an individual that push him / her to think / perceive / interpret / act in one way or another...

huh ?
August 23 2018 17:42:43
BuzzBomber i mean, "uh... YES" i like time as a topic!<3

always friendly, yes!

The science would describe how a thing works.
perception is to be aware through the senseses

for instance merely seeing the color yellow gives no indication of how color operates, or really that light is involved. [does (the) color "exist" in the dark?] Even knowing how color "works" gives no control over the perception of it.

similarly (the way i understand it )the B-theory of time is a mathematical description (relativity) of time as a component (axis?)of space-time, which is likely operating in a manner which we perceive in a particular manner, given the constraints of that perception.

the best stuff ends with "huh?" !!
August 23 2018 20:01:13
Caroljoyce Yes ! I agree with these 2 formulations. Absolutely right now. We are saying the same thought. Cool.:D

You really make me laugh with this candid question about colors in the Dark. But this is very smart actually. I would try 2 answers for you with a different approach :
-Yes Buzz, colors do exist in the dark; just close your eyes, and colors will appear in your creative mind.
-Yes Buzz, colors do exist in the Dark because the dark can be a very deep dark or a clearer one...So, as the color of the dark isn't the same... thus, you can conclude yourself that darkness itself has a color...

huh ?
(Yes, the best stuff ends with "huh ?" ! lol)
Have a nice evening My Friend. ;)
August 23 2018 20:02:41
Caroljoyce bonus questions : "Is there still light in my fridge when I close the door ?" +1
August 23 2018 20:05:18
Caroljoyce Thank you very much René.:D +2
August 23 2018 20:53:48
BuzzBomber this is the best description of the topic i have seen... the best half hour you can spend on the subject, or speed it up to 1.5 in the controls! Take THAT time! kapow! -[also scientific theory of course means supported or validated by empirical evidence, While a scientific hypothesis means the idea one is proposing to displace the scientific theory. This would mean that BG's String theory is really a string HYPOTHESIS]
August 23 2018 20:58:43
BuzzBomber but i also dig Goethe's ideas, which though not scientifically accurate, do represent the kind of questions that need to be asked to get at anything productive, and lots of them, many with wrong or inconclusive answers! yah!<3
August 23 2018 22:01:34
Caroljoyce Oh thanks I'll watch it. Yes, I forgot to write this idea : your connection between poetry and science makes me think about this: I believe that all great scientific research (and result) is based upon a poetic observation, a kind of meditation about the nature of things in this world; observation that brings a need of understanding and an hypothesis which is the start of research. Then, the candid spirit is a precious one for scientific people.
But, I may be off the topic when saying that .
ok, I shall "take time" and watch and listen to this video.:)
August 23 2018 22:18:28
BuzzBomber I am so glad you added the part you "forgot to write"! What a fantastic summary of the scientific process, and a topic i hope to imply in my creative output. I find the process of critical thinking to be immensely stimulating, and imaginatively playful!

I enjoy corresponding about this.<3:W
francisco al
bom trabalho, amigo BuzzBomber+1
August 23 2018 14:06:20
francisco al
BuzzBomber Thank you francisco al! +0

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