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If I understood Buzz right, he recorded the guitar in a hall - so you can hear natural reverb here. I contrasted a guitar with chorus, delay and reverb. The mix uses a stereohancer, multiband dynamic (2 bands, max bass) and ammunition (compressor + limiter). I mean, there is a big difference to hear and the two rooms are very different.My guitar from 0.30-2: 24 and from 2: 46-end


Das ist nicht einfach "nur" Musik, zu schaffst hier eine eigene musikalische Welt! Mir gefällt das sehr!!+1
August 25 2018 16:13:50
abuitremorem Vielen Dank Peter. Freut mich, dass es Dir gefällt :) +1
wooooow!! You are inspirated!!+1
August 24 2018 19:35:17
abuitremorem Thank you José :) +0
I very much enjoyed your music here, Rene! I am not in agreement with some of the below negative criticism, so trying to be objective, I very carefully listened many times and then compared it to some Avant Gard guitar players on You tube with +20k listens!. Just like listening to me compared to sax players like Coltrane, Parker, I would be accused of being pretty bad. I can understand that with Buzz's Wonderful catchy pop rock acoustic guitar catchy lick, some may not like your Avant Garde especially with the differences in sound but your playing to me is very valid. You do follow the theme and stay within the harmonics of it and you play with a Jazzier very complicated technique which is counter to the rock type theme. So I can understand that some listeners would say that it is not harmoniously guided, but my listening hears you are harmoniously guided with extensions that are not within rock expectations. I agree that you do maximize the tension which is fine if it it fits and for me it does because it is what is in your style which I look forward to. Some may feel there is no unity/connection if you are looking for a pop/rock resolution which I was not. I can understand that the sound difference as described as warm vs cold is not very pleasing to some and that is a valid criticism but your musical content and structure is so very valid in what we know of your musical creative direction. Bottom line.... Your playing to me is Excellent and creative within the Avant Gard (not Experimental) accepted style. If your playing was not within the expected Avant Garde expectation then I would say it but it is. I totally understand that some may not like it being "not mainstream". I do feel that if the sound of you and Buzz were the same, some would change their mind and like it.+1
August 24 2018 19:50:36
abuitremorem Wow Dan! Incredible! Your comment is for me the nicest compliment of my life! Thank you very much !!! I was not expecting that. I am very grateful to you and other friends for coming with me and giving me tips and comments. This is not to buy with money and that's wonderful!<3 +0
August 24 2018 20:42:48
Offfocus Hey Dan, I feel I need to explain myself a bit.. Nothing of critisism.. I admire the approach of René .. I love to hear it .. but you're right - ususally I hear and produce very pleasing and soft music.. this is what my ears and my brain are used to.. This is exactly the reason why I wrote René, trying to write what I understand or not understand.. in order to learn more about music, maybe about René .. again nothing of critisism.. That's very important to me.. +1
August 24 2018 23:02:07
Itocpogo Patrik, I should have done a better job explaining that there is no right or wrong validity to the music created because all musicians have different views of playing. Buzz created a Wonderful catchy melody and I wanted Rene to understand that some would expect this melody to have adds that meet their expectations and Rene's music is so far in another direction even though it is technically correct. My wife dos not like some music that I like to play. I understand your need to get Rene's view of his music and I apologize if my comment did not clearly show my attempt to support Rene's music validity and show Rene some people used to a different expectation also have very valid expectation of what they like to hear. Thanks so much for your clarification. +0
August 25 2018 08:29:05
Offfocus Hey Dan, there's no need to apologize .. really .. I totally appreciate having the chance for a discussion with much more content than just saying "great!!" (Although I love just saying "great" and receiving a "great" from the Wikifriends .. My point is, that we non-native speakers always are a bit in doubt if the intention we have will be understood correctly .. and after your comment I was afraid, that my comment could have been misunderstood.. At the end - it is very cool to have conversations like this.. Thanks, Dan .. will we meet in Steinfeld?? +1
COOL :))))+1
August 24 2018 12:49:25
abuitremorem Danke :):D +1
Sound brill in my Bose Earphone's. Way to go boys:) Well done.:)<3:Y:Y:Y+1
August 24 2018 11:27:32
abuitremorem Thank you very much :) +1
Totally hear it on my sony-s ! Even more mind blowing on head phones, not only can i hear the different spaces and they are stretching my brain's connection! Just fantastic+1
August 24 2018 11:09:51
abuitremorem <3<3<3 +1
Hohoho!! Wer stapft da durch den Vorgarten? Sehr mutig, sehr experimentell .. Lass mich mal versuchen zu verstehen .. Musik lebt zu einem großen Teil aus Thema, Variation und Wiederholung.. Thema und seine Wiederholung geben dem Zuhörer dieses Zuhausegefühl.. das machts leicht und angenehm .. die Variationen bauen einn Spannungsbogen auf.. Harmonisch zurückführen aufs Thema machts wiederum leicht und wohlfühlig.. stimmt das so in etwa? Was ihr macht ist.. ihr nehmt das leichte raus .. Ihr habt zwar wiederholungen.. und man freut sich drüber .. es wird aber harmonisch nicht hingeführt. Ihr brecht auch die Wiederholungen.. Das heißt für mich - Ihr entfernt mehr oder weniger das Wohlfühlteil und maximiert die Spannung! Sehr sehr aufregend .. Würdest du das auch so sehen?+2
August 24 2018 02:37:57
abuitremorem Herzlichen Dank Patrik!!!! über Deinen Kommentar werde ich noch lange nachdenken.Du hast recht, ich bewege mich in ein Extrem. Zuzmal ich am Wohlfühlteil vorbei spiele. In diesem Track ging es mir um den Kontrast zwischen dem natürlichen Hall von Buzz und meinem künstlich erstellten. Ich weiss nicht, ob Du darauf geachtet hast, die beiden Räume sind verschieden. Im Mix versuche ich anzugleichen. Das gelingt nicht, es bleibt ein Kontrast zwische "warm und kalt". In meinen Ohren gibt es keine Einheit, keine Verbindung oder kein Wohlfühlen. Es bleibt vielleicht etwas Spannung und für mich die Frage, ob es überhaupt möglich ist, natürlichen und künstlichen Raum sauber zu kombinieren. +1
August 24 2018 04:18:41
BuzzBomber Pardon my Gtrans-ing and posting, but this is a great coversation!
offfocus sed>>>>
Hohoho !! Who is trudging through the front yard? Very courageous, very experimental .. Let me try to understand .. Music is based to a large extent on theme, variation and repetition .. Theme and its repetition give the listener this sense of home .. that makes it easy and enjoyable .. build the variations an arc of suspense .. Harmonious return to the subject makes it easy and comfortable. Is that right? What you do is .. you take out the easy .. You have repetitions .. and you are happy about it .. but it is not harmoniously guided. You also break the repetitions .. That means for me - you more or less the feel-good part and maximizes the tension! Very, very exciting .. Would you also see it that way?
August 24 2018 04:19:56
BuzzBomber abuitremorem sed>>>>
Thank you Patrik !!!! I'll think about your comment for a long time. You're right, I'm moving to an extreme. Zuzmal I play past the feel-good part. This track was about the contrast between the natural reverb of Buzz and my artificially created one. I do not know if you have paid attention, the two rooms are different. In the mix I try to match. That does not succeed, it remains a contrast between "warm and cold". In my ears there is no unity, no connection or no well-being. It may remain somewhat tense and for me the question of whether it is even possible to combine natural and artificial space clean.
August 24 2018 04:23:08
BuzzBomber Offf, i see/hear exactly what you are describing in this piece, and perhaps a goal for future pieces! The identification , or deletion of, patterns- changing the definition of "harmony" to a parameters defined by the musician! Yes! yes! :o

Offf, ich sehe / höre genau, was du in diesem Stück beschreibst, und vielleicht ein Ziel für zukünftige Stücke! Das Identifizieren oder Löschen von Mustern - Ändern der Definition von "Harmonie" zu einem Parameter, der vom Musiker definiert wird! Ja! Ja!:o
August 24 2018 04:23:54
BuzzBomber Finally it is interesting that one contrast bred another! +1
August 24 2018 04:41:42
abuitremorem Great discussion. I thank both of you. Will think about it :) +0
August 24 2018 08:43:35
Offfocus Wow, Buzz .. thank you very much for translating!!! I should have written in english directly .. but I guess I was afraid of not being able to express myself correctly .. you did it perfectly .. THANK YOU, my friend!!! +0
wow this is so very very cool Rene...;););)+1
August 23 2018 21:18:29
abuitremorem Thank youNils :):):) +1

This is just so great! what can i say.
can't wait to check it out on my good cans
August 23 2018 21:16:17
abuitremorem Thanks Buzz: D but pay attention to the room. We do not play in the same. One is alive, the other is dead :) +1
August 23 2018 22:43:21
BuzzBomber yep! that is what i am curious about +0
great guitar playing Rene!!! :):W fantastic fast runs:) :W+1
August 23 2018 21:08:04
abuitremorem Thank you Joao :) +0

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