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Inspired by a topic on the forum, this is an open call to join me in rockin' but also a shout out to all the musicians on the 'loops (even if i did not manage to do your name here, apologies ,there are so many of all y'all, my friends!). it is the musicians, templates and support that make the 'Loops what it is IMNHO. Hopefully not too cover-y, it just went that way... do you want ...
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praise for my 'Loop-y friends


Amazing, sooo very cool Buzzzz :D
Love it...... :W
Haha...Lol. Oh Buzzzzzzzz... What is this stuff, My Dear ? I can't believe it. Nobody can speak as fast as you ! Did your face become red at the end of the song ?
Very funny. lol
August 27 2018 18:17:08
BuzzBomber This is what you call a morning warm up haha! I just sing whatever comes into my head, and hopefully it achieves focus of some type by the end... This one was far beyond my control! +2
August 27 2018 19:30:03
Caroljoyce The artistic movement of Dada is in your veins, Buzz. No control of logic, the unconscious works instead of your conscience. Very good approach. What a great potential in your artistic approach.<3 +2
August 27 2018 20:24:34
BuzzBomber Thanks! I notice most of my stuff has more than one layer or is metaphorical, but it is odd to me because i also feel that i have only a small amount of control over this output, it is easily disrupted, and yet it seems to do what i want it to, drawing on/from my network of ideas, attitudes and conflicts. i talk a lot... +1
August 27 2018 20:47:48
Caroljoyce Yes, you're a little talkative buzzing bee who rejoices us ! ;) +2
Major 3rd
LOL....super!!! nice work Dave!!:D Just say no to commercial radio!!!;)+1
August 26 2018 20:52:26
Major 3rd
BuzzBomber Thanks man! This was just an idea i had while doing it, and it came out way cool, but i have way more friends than i wound up be able to rember for shouting out. !! +1
August 26 2018 20:54:52
Major 3rd
Major 3rd haha!! :D +0
haha this is so crazy cool Dave great vocal...;););)+1
August 26 2018 20:53:38
BuzzBomber Thanks! Btw I have way more friends here than i came up with off the top of my head. But maybe i will start a trend... ! +1
I'm amazed. :YYou really rock here:Y:Y+1
August 26 2018 09:37:20
BuzzBomber Thanks I don't even know how to really explain this idea. glad it worked! +0
Yeah ! R'R crazy Buzz👍😁+1
August 26 2018 09:38:51
BuzzBomber Thanks Just fiddling around, this just sort of occurred! glad you enjoyed it! +1
love it, very cool !!! haha, Talking Heads & the Roclers :W+1
August 26 2018 09:39:43
BuzzBomber Thanks this is just one of those ideas-- you are in there somewhere... +1
francisco al
joia, amigo BuzzBomber+1
August 26 2018 06:24:50
francisco al
BuzzBomber Hello buddy! +0
:D That's how you spend your nighttimes, With Loops and drinks, caps and holy sh$t this is fun do you even write before rockin hard? :D Incredible oh lol lyrics haha, cheers+2
August 26 2018 02:27:04
BuzzBomber No, i have pretty much given up writing at all, sometimes a couple of notes... it is a jam site, so it is just an excuse not to re-write. Yes, i am THAT lazy. Rock & Roll freestylin' i suppose. +1
August 26 2018 03:43:43
SupJax Love the singing-speech mix, the efforts and offers, Trackmaster, so enjoying. +1
August 26 2018 03:46:45
BuzzBomber I just thought "y'know rappers name each other in a song, could i put a lot of friends in a song and get away with it once? left so many people out tho. littl sad over that... super fun +1
August 26 2018 03:59:05
SupJax Yea. Took me by surprise within the 3rd listen, since you didn't post lyrics and i had probs following up :@ +1
August 27 2018 18:18:31
BuzzBomber Sorry lyrics wise... Typing and thinking just so gets in the way of the flow, and after i can be sort of burnt... i should figure that out .... +0
August 27 2018 19:58:38
SupJax No, it's good. Non-natives are sensitive to sound & feeling first. Then comes the details. Like words and misheard. It cause the best preview. +1
August 27 2018 20:26:51
BuzzBomber As you metion that; I really enjoy non-english performances because I can experience the the presentation without being influenced by the lyrics! +1
Whatever you've swallowed Buzz, I want it too!!!

Super crazy Buzz, yes;)
August 26 2018 01:19:18
BuzzBomber This is the coffee only Buzz- first thing in the morning justwhat came to mind as i started singing. I thought it would be fun to inter act with musicians like rap stars do.

then i thought why not do a lot of people in one song.

Then i tried not to stop moving my jaw up and down while thinking of people ive jammed with,,,, ha thanx buddy

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