Krampus Gets Inferior Intelligence

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This one is mercifully short. well they can't ALL be merely BAD! This goes far far beyond... But hey, it is the 'Loops it will be gone in minutes! Crickets if ya hate it! haha, eh?


Major 3rd
September 03 2018 15:52:45
Major 3rd
BuzzBomber Thanks! This was just a little thing that popped out on a crazy night that i got i the zone! I have no idea why i sang it... +2
a very very cool vocal add Dave...;););)+1
August 31 2018 00:28:14
BuzzBomber This was totally fun, i was just demonstrating that i could make up a new thing with no preparation... I like how it came out! SupJax' guitar is so stark, it sounds so cool! +1
ha ha great stuff:D+1
August 26 2018 15:56:40
BuzzBomber Thanks man! The side kick always gets late reports! +1
love what you do :)+1
August 26 2018 09:49:05
BuzzBomber this was just the most fun! with only a minute, i tried to get to the point! +1
Ohaha, yes an Island! The stereo delay you use atm is good. Most liked the little and the bigger change between levels along the guitar chords (chords..), and it becomes a much deeper and (yea) serious song than it initially sounded.

I still have all these names from the other one in my head. What a great start, easy to lose yourself in here, sweeet. Rum? :D
August 26 2018 04:41:50
SupJax Damn. What a cool twist/key/secret. Told you it needs some time to realize these lines. Biiig Great song before. #Now(excme)FknAwesome +1
August 26 2018 04:51:24
BuzzBomber It is all in the template. Great titles like the one you supplied help a ton! I just need to start some days! +1
francisco al
ótimo trabalho, amigo BuzzBomber+1
August 26 2018 06:20:39
francisco al
BuzzBomber What is up Buddy? II always smile when I see you have listened to my stuff!

ótimo trabalho, amigo BuzzBomber
wow - great ad!:)+1
August 26 2018 03:40:25
BuzzBomber SJ had asked me if i write anything any more. I have pretty much stopped preparing, it feels like it gets in the way in some ways, and is certainly an excuse for not re-writing! seriously, The Jam-y nature of the 'Loops has caused me to simply practice at being a better extemporaneous-orizer! haha

supjax' previous title inspired me, but the story twisted as my mouth was open!

it is so fun to hear what comes out! Total surprise mostly
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