Slap on it (feat Onorium)

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Wanted to get a better balance of the fantastic guitar work of OffFocus and Ivax, along with Onorium on Bass (#145255). I am also trying to work on my mixing. Please let me know what you think ;)


great job of mixing MArk, but I do not know if Ivax likes this, because I saw that he did his remix on the track without my bass.
anyway thanks MArk for inserting me :)
August 27 2018 21:22:55
ivax <3 +1
March 25 2020 05:04:42
Cassius So good slapping and what a mix !! I like guitar too. Good rocking spirit :W +1
March 25 2020 18:32:17
ivax :D:D +0
:D:D WoW!!!! WD,amigo awesome mix and awesome Bass by Onorium,I'm very glad that you made the decision to include this magnificent Bass, it fits perfectly <3+2
August 27 2018 21:24:06
onorium Thanks my dear friend :)
i apologize for that fact
August 27 2018 21:35:35
ivax There are times that I anticipate, I should listen to other versions before loading, just in case fit well :D:D +1
August 28 2018 02:47:37
WhiteDrum55 Nice rocking quartet so far! Also a cool add from JMRukkers ;) +1
August 28 2018 03:22:24
ivax Awesome :D:W +2
Hey White, this is an amazing mix!! Absolutely cool .. the only thing really hurting my ears is my own guitar :| I'll try and work a bit on the sound, if you allow .. maybe I'm able to get a bit of the nerve racking chink out of it. Your drums, Ono's bass and Ivax' guitar are marvelous .. and perfectly mixed!! Thanks so much, WD!! Great job!!+1
August 27 2018 15:17:02
WhiteDrum55 I like your guitar sound, but curious what you think. Is it too high in the mix...did you want it to be more in the back ground? I balanced it out with a slight bias to the lead. It is just right for me B) +0
August 27 2018 15:23:24
WhiteDrum55 Let me know if you want me to remix with a new pass B) +0
August 27 2018 16:00:26
Offfocus My son (also doing some music .. much more technical than me and together with some professional mixing people) tought me: you better keep yur hands off your own music.. you'll never be ok with the sound .. if a friend can do the job .. much better! I'm sure he's right!! I heard it again .. You did a great job on the mix .. and I keep my hands off :D:D Thanks so much, WD, for your very nice offer to redo the mix.. but let's keep it as it is .. it comes across really catchy!! +3
August 28 2018 02:48:59
WhiteDrum55 Sweet! No worries ;) +0
via wikiloops radio
August 28 2018 02:48:35
August 28 2018 02:48:28
WhiteDrum55 Awesome add JM! :W +1
Thanks for this remix - he answers some questions about the mix and the interaction :)+1
August 28 2018 02:47:55
WhiteDrum55 That was fun! +1
Great WD, so great to include the bass of Onorium. Congratulationes great track+1
August 29 2018 01:30:13
WhiteDrum55 Thanks...very happy with it :) It's been too long since we jammed. I'll try to find something ;) +1

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