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Just some basic Metal Guitar. Trying very much to get a better recording with the limited gear I have. I can pretty much nail vocal mixes but I need a lot of work on recording guitar. Any suggestions would be great!!!


Great riffs and tone ! :W+1
I like it a lot! What is this done on 9gear wise?)+0
August 31 2018 23:16:31
Mnas09 A six string I built with a Dimebucker at the bridge, drop c tuning, behringer UM-2 interface, reaper, TSE 808 plugin, Ignite Emissary plugin along with Ignite NADLR cab sims. Thanks for the like! +1
August 31 2018 23:26:22
BuzzBomber So when you go in deirect like that through the UM , can you hear the guitar plug-in (808?) while you record? I am considering buying such a unit, but my old school system lets me hear my amplifier on the way "in"- thanks! it sounds great BTW! +0
August 31 2018 23:29:00
Mnas09 Yea if you have it set up right you can hear everything with effects either through headphones or speakers. I got mine pretty cheap just to check it out. A lot of fun! All those plugins I used were free BTW... +0

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