My Nemesis is Blind Drunk

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36 :50 of one big loaf of a single take- woop! key is A-ish that is , sometimes not A but if you play along, A could be a strong contender. Started the weekend early- killa challenge and soopa track!
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don't stop now!


excellent, i've downloaded the track and i'll remix for sure at least the second part where i think guit is not loud enough. thank you BuzzBomber !+0
lol, yes, super fun, of course, for me too, lol … i'm not catching a new sytnthetizor without trying it a bit, drunk or not yet ;o)+1
September 02 2018 01:19:38
BuzzBomber All right, after some computer wrestling, i got that guitar only track in thHD file on this page. I left the first two tones from your original track to help synch the track if there is any file weird-ess! +0
hooo … and … by the way… thanks !+1
September 01 2018 23:07:45
BuzzBomber it was super fun! +0
i've downloaded all free gong's samples i've found on the web… but i won't try ti add SFXs if i do not have the Electric guitare as a solo track, just to automate volume changes on the second part and could be needed to help to put gongs rythms as another track as i was willing to do...+1
well, i'd like to see the solo ignited guitar track, cuz, i think we can't hear this guitar enough in the second part, after 17'... need more décibels for the guit in the second part… and well… still a great job, very good, and well, endurance is the real key Indeed ;o) anyway i'm certain near the minute 23 the guitar should be very loud sometimes, just to change, an automation quickly done in the sequencer ;o)+1
September 01 2018 23:07:10
BuzzBomber You got it lemme pull that together...:D +0
excellent BuzzBomber, you have dared to keep the original lenght of the song, that's kind of crazy, i like crazy tracks ! nice+1
September 01 2018 20:40:26
BuzzBomber Kept the length of the track? Hell, this is all one take, with no stops, but i did line up a series of drinks , and i hit those time markers, i can tell you! +1
I love this Buzz :)+2
September 01 2018 15:49:41
BuzzBomber Thanks! It was a very interesting experiment. i came p with patterns i maight not have, from endurance. i actually have another layer of this. i am curious to hear it, because i don't recall all of it, from the middle of the night-hypnosis... +2
September 01 2018 18:38:21
deezee haha :) +0
great work :)+2
September 01 2018 15:47:41
BuzzBomber Thanks! I saw stonycat's "challenge' on the shout box. It turned out to be a cool experiment. committing to not stopping for an extended period caused ideas to come up. +1
Very cool!+2
September 01 2018 15:45:58
BuzzBomber thanks! Interesting ideas developed in spots from never stopping playing for more than a half an hour... +0
overcool !!!+2
September 01 2018 04:33:23
BuzzBomber All about stonyCat and this giant thing-ee of awesomeness! I did it all at once! find my drinkinkg along the way! +1
September 01 2018 04:36:31
AKchen yes, did not know him, great stuff :) haha ... *cheers +0

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