Rumple Time's Fabric

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United States
Percussion & Guitar:
FRANK2654457 jams
step I
United States
Electric Guitar:
BuzzBomber344 jams
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+ 4
ptwaaang! i made up some scales for this terrefic piece! great thanks fer jamming frank! ya FrOG on guitar...


francisco al
ótimo trabalho, amigo BuzzBomber+1
sounds great Buzz:):):)+1
September 02 2018 01:25:54
BuzzBomber Thanks! This is a unique piece, tricky somehow, so super fun! i like stepping in and out of the rhythm/solo parts +1
wow this kicks ass Brilliant add/ Love it all :):Y:Y:W+1
September 01 2018 19:57:08
BuzzBomber haha thanks! this seemed to want some special treatment, so i "picked" some notes and tried to stay on those. some were in and a coule were out of the "real" scale. by the end they all sem pretty right to me! +1
September 02 2018 14:38:53
FRANK2654 thanks for the add Buzz..originally i
I did not know in a exactly what key this was..but after some experimentation it feels to me like
it's in a B Key Root that can go Minor and at times modal and chromatic...which to me simply means to play what feels and sounds right....leaving room for many versions and gave a great sense of exploring the possibilities..have fun with it :W
September 02 2018 17:15:51
BuzzBomber I found it to be in B as well, but i could also tell that is not a "limiting" thing in this case! cool one, man! +0

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